Lunar Eclipse August 2009

This has been an active celestial 60 days! We had the Summer Solstice on June 21st, a Lunar Eclipse on July 7th, a total Eclipse of the Sun on July 22nd and, in a few days, another Penumbra Lunar Eclipse on August 6th. This will be visible here in the United States, but it will difficult to see. The Full Moon will dim only slightly, as the Eclipse peaks at 8:40PM EDT. The Earth will only block out a very small portion of the sunlight that illuminates the Full Moon.

Why am I talking about this stuff in a Metaphysical column? Well, because according to many "in the know", each one of those specific celestial events was a downloading of some sort of energy into the Earth grid. It is all part of the raising of the vibration of the planet we talked about as we move towards 2012. Can I prove any of this scientifically to you? No. All I can do is pass along the information. So, the next logical question is: What does the Eclipse this week mean?

To answer that, here's a quick excerpt from Ron Baker's website:

"As you enter the final month of this stage, you will bring COMMITMENT TO FORM.

How you have used your choices and inner process to develop a commitment will determine what you will manifest at this time. How able to move with the flow are you at this point? How able are you to deal with things that are unexpected coming into your life as clues?

It is all there to serve you. However, it all depends on the use of your will and your ability to respond.

Remember that all individuals and groups represent aspects of the divine. So practice moving beyond right and wrong...and move into valuing instead. Transcend your age old fighting against someone else in the name of God...which is one of your biggest myths that keep you in fear and separation and duality and un-fulfillment.

So use this time to become wiser and more informed about who you are, what is important to you, as well as what power you hold in looking to the new and responding with clear choices. "

For more information: New Energy Media

Author: Tony Pann
Tony Pann is an Examiner from Baltimore. You can see Tony's articles on Tony's Home Page.

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