Aerial UFO lights from “ET interdimensional vehicle” filmed over Vancouver, BC shortly after meteor

October 1, 1:42 PM

Seattle Exopolitics Examiner
Alfred Lambremont Webre

Aerial UFO nocturnal lights over Vancouver B.C. have been filmed by Jon Kelly, the reverse speech expert and witnessed by 3 independent witnesses. The sighting occurred on September 12, 2009, shortly after the passage of a meteor widely reported by the news media.

Kelly, who filmed similar UFO nocturnal lights over Mt. Adams, WA during the 2009 Science, Spirit & World Transformation conference over the July 4, 2009 weekend, states in a written witness statement that the Vancouver, BC noctural lights are “potentially extraterrestrial interdimensional vehicles communicating with earth-based observers in urban environments while being recorded on camera.”

The reported extraterrestrial interdimensional vehicles can be seen in a video below in this article. The photo (above) is a comparison chart of the photo of an interdimensional vehicle versus a Perseid meteor track.

September 12, 2009 UFO aerial nocturnal lights

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christopher o'brien said...

"Aerial UFO lights from “ET interdimensional vehicle” filmed over Vancouver, BC…"

You can't be serious? How could anyone possibly make this determination? How do you know it is "ET?" Or "interdimensional?" Where is your proof? When will the ETH'ers wake up and smell the cold coffee that's been sitting in the pot since 1947?

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