UFO Analysis By World's Leading Imaging Scientist Reveals Extraterrestrials

Source: UFO Digest
October 17, 2009

Publisher's Note: It has been pointed out in numerous comments posted on Ron Nussbeck's articles as well as in emails received by myself and by UFO Digest Editor Robert D. Morningstar that the transition for part one of this series to part two was too much a leap and that some readers didn't understand the transformation and the additional data gleamed. This article explains the transition and shows step-by-step how the final images of the extraterrestrials emerged from the photo! Also, several skeptics have claimed that the photo shot by Ron S. Stewart was simply a copy of the famous Australian UFO photographed in 1993. Careful examination proves that the craft are similar. Ronald Nusbeck claims that skeptics used the 1993 Australian UFO image and simply superimposed it over the top of Ron's photo. This alone means the photo had to be altered, the 1993 image has a smaller craft coming out of the bottom. Clearly the prankster had to manipulate the image to superimpose it.

UFO Analysis By World's Leading Imaging Scientist Reveals Extraterrestrials
by Ronald Nussbeck
and Ron S. Stewart

Posted: 13:10 October 14, 2009

Lon Strickler of P&M Network, was sent a photo recently along with a video of a UFO craft, he then passed it along to Ron S. Stewart, scientist, for investigation. After reviewing the image and video it became apparent that the UFO image was of very low quality, a third generation image. The UFO was very unusual for one reason, it had very large windows and an image of possible Aliens on the outside of the craft. The Alien image located in the center of two windows caught the eye of most who viewed the image. Ron S. Stewart's initial examination of the photo and video using APEP (Advanced Photographic Extraction Process) showed windows with aliens looking out.The process used by Ron S. Stewart has been tested by some of the leading Photographic Specialists and Computer Graphics Engineers in the world with these results

ROBERT-TORRES PHOTOGRAPHIC-EXAMINATION-SPECIALIST, involved with professional photography for over 38 years. Sixteen of those years have been as a photographic examination specialist. I have some forensic background in the examination of crime scene images for some law enforcement, that has also had to stand up in a court of law. I verify, validate, the authenticity of this new imaging process. I truly feel and believe from what I have seen and witnessed, that this process of Mr. Ron S. Stewart has great potential, in yet many unrealized future applications.TESTING FOR A-NEW-TEXTUAL/GRAPHICS ;IMAGING-PROCESS by Marcus A. Wharton "Computer/Imaging/Graphics-Software Engineering Consultant". I do feel and believe from what I have witnessed and seen and have for the last two and one-half days have gone through a very intense scrutinizing of this process, in many mentally and exhaustive challenging ways, I have no doubt Mr. Stewart's process has the universal great potential of touching just about every corner of the earth in technology that we now know of and yet still envision. The current capability of Mr. Stewart's process to store and retrieve imagery data are at about 25 times or 2500% greater than current systems. However, I'm sure this will no doubt increase in way not yet seen or realized. I verify, validate, and authenticate any past testing/current testing. In my professional opinion this new imaging process has remarkable current and future potential.APEP is consider by professionals in the photographic industry as the most advanced system in the world and now has a web site where you can have your UFO images processes professionally. www.ufoimaging.com. Below is a link to the video of the craft being investigated, please click on the link and view.

Credit: Image and video provided by Lon Strickler
In this article you will see the step by step enlargement and enhancement of the UFO and possible aliens, the name given to the craft was taken from the Sumerians, Seth - God of Chaos.
The image of the craft has been subjected to X-Ray analysis providing a detailed look at the craft, it has also been converted from night to a day image as can be seen from the first photo to the last.

The craft is enlarged showing a pictograph of a life form on the exterior in the center of the window in last photo in the step by step imaging. APEP has found every UFO to date with pictographs on the exterior of the craft, there are no exception to this rule so far. The poor image quality prevented a perfect picture but we leave it to the reader to decide what the image might be.

A large view of the craft in a X-Ray image shows an electrical field creating a disturbance that surrounds the craft.

Below is the step by step enhancement of the pictograph on the exterior Hull of the craft. Pictographs seem to be a way for species to communicate where they are from and there race. Ron S. Stewart believes pictographs are an important communication tool between species.

The pictograph below shows the poor quality of the camera used to image the craft and the fact that it is a third generation images lead to this low resolution photo.

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I have read some of Mr. Nussbeck's articles before and his photo processing claims. I'm sorry, but I didn't realize anyone was giving him any serious thought. I thought it was silly entertainment.

Please, look at photraphic principles (Googling it brings up plenty on the subject). Hopefully you'll understand that his claims are absulute tripe.

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