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October 10, 9:45PM
Sacramento UFO Examiner
Gregory Brewer

Well hey there readers and enthusiast and a hearty welcome to you you new comers.
We would like to thank all of you out there who have sent us video links and images. Some of you we communicate with regularly and others simply send information with dialogging. Thanks to you as well. When the Sacramento UFO Examiner refers to our selves as "we", the intent is to give thanks to those of you out there who have contributed to the information that gets posted on this site. Our intent is to disclose all that we can to for the purpose of entertaining and waking anyone who questions the world around them. Want answers? "Seek and you shall find".

The information on this site is open for individual interpretation and remains speculative for each and every person who reads and digests what we post under the banner of The Sacramento UFO Examiner.
With that being said lets move on to the flavors in this article.

UFO Wormhole or what?
This recently posted video was stumbled upon and apparently has very little accompanying information as to who, what or where. Kind of makes you wonder, if this is a wormhole then someone out there wants you and I to see it but wishes to keep his or her job and is not saying anything more.

UFO sighting and activity courtesy of MUFON

Go here for more info

UFO historical events for October
Note: The list found in this link has not been refined to capture recent activity which is substantial.
Never the less is interesting at best.
Go here for that list.

More messages from GFL about our future.

Thanks again for tuning in,
The Sacramento UFO Examiner

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Anonymous said...

about the youtube wormhole the vid that links to it was made after this ..sorry but it seems to be a CGI


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