Orbs in Apple Valley, California

I have received this report from one of our readers. I have not verified the accuracy of the information but I have decided to give Jim a chance to share what's happening in his area.

In Jim's own words:

"For over 5 years I been having many round white orbs of light over above my home everyday and night. the many round orbs of light are about two feet around to size to 3 feet around in size. as the many round orbs of light hover above my home they move from side to side or from right to left and left to right as they hover above my home all day and night of everyday. I feel the many round orbs of light are some way CONTROLED BY REAL EXTRA - TERRESTRIAL ALIEN BEINGS also the many small round orbs of light also do and make beeping sounds that could be some type of space communications that is not of this planet. the other facts is the beeping sounds from theses many small round orbs of light have different counts of beeping sounds from the many space objects. I will try to email you some pictures of the round orbs of light that are hovering above my home. anyway I was hoping your team of - [ U.F.O. INVESTIGATORS ] MIGHT WANT TO INVESTIGATE THESE MANY ROUND SMALL WHITE ORBS OF LIGHT ABOVE MY HOME EVERYDAY HERE IN APPLE VALLEY, CALIFORNIA."

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