ALIEN AGENDA: March, 17, another pyramid-like UFO caught above Shanghai.

Tnks to fashionxue, that's bringing some news from China.
The number of UFOs sightings around the world, is increasing severely, but definitely something weird is going on China. I mean, many different types of UFOs are seen all over the globe: Cigar-like UFOs, discoid UFOs, worm-like UFOs, orbs and other objects with unusual shapes, but massive pyramid-like crafts are getting common in the Chinese skies. Very large objects with this very particular design, spotting at day light with clear sky and in low altitude, not so far away of the city towers. At this time, another pyramid UFO was caught hovering above Shanghai, in 17th March, and fortunately a witness took some pictures that the user fashionxue sent me to further investigation. IMO they are authentic.
Assuming that the pilots of these crafts have any connection with the ancient Egyptian "gods", why they are showing off in the Chinese skies?? Are they in contact with the Chinese government???
Below, the links of the threads you can find people discussing about this event in Shanghai. Paste them in the Google translator box and select from Chinese to your idiom.

If your browse couldn't open or download the pics from Chinese thread, you can get them here:

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