AZTEC UFO 2010 - SYMPOSIUM UFOs - Then & Now March 26-27, 2010 in Aztec, New Mexico

The UFO Symposium is a yearly UFO conference held in Aztec, New Mexico where there was reported to be a UFO crash in March 1948 just 9 months after the Roswell, New Mexico incident.The yearly Aztec ufo conference objective is to bring researchers in to discuss UFOs - Dulce, New Mexico, Exopolitics, alien contactees , remote viewing - sightings - alien abductions and encounters - government cover-ups - New Mexico UFOs -pictures and videos of ufos - crop circles - cattle mutilations - underground bases - and more. This year we will focus on various topics that allude to the idea that Aliens and UFOs have visited earth in the past and are visiting here now.

Our Speakers for March 26-27, 2010 will be:

Art Campbell - Researcher - "Did Eisenhower meet the Holloman AFB in 1955?"

Paola Harris - Researcher - "Exopolitics: Et Phone home..."

Stan Romanek - Experiencer - "The Stan Romanek case is possibly the most scientifically documented human extraterrestrial encounters case in the world!"

Angelia Joiner - Researcher/Reporter - "Stephenville, Then and Now"

Kenn Thomas - Writer/Publisher - "Wilhelm Reich, Eisenhower and the Aliens"

Lyn Buchanan - Remote Viewer - "Results from the remote viewing visit of the 1948 Aztec crash site."
NEWS FLASH!! - Stanton Friedman will be at the event and enlighten us about his new research and upcoming book "Science Was Wrong"

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