British Defense Ministry Releases 6,000 Secret UFO Files

By Susan Thompson on February 23, 2010, 6:49 am

The British Government has finally released it’s UFO files via the Ministry of Defense. This 6,00 pages document includes sightings, renderings, drawings, videos, etc. about UFO’s from eyewitnesses that believe we are not alone. The UFO files release will include over 10 years worth of data with more being released at a later point in time from the Freedom of Information Act. Some of the files include people saying they had specifically seen aliens or their UFO’s up close. Now most of these “sightings” were probably mistaken, people have to wonder after seeing the documents of some of the testimonials.

Are We Alone
This is a question that has been around for decades, but no one has been able to come up with a clear answer. While over half of the country believe that we are not alone, there is no hard concrete evidence that will justify an answer for this question. While you ask people, most will say yes, but not definitively. This many be because of religious affiliation etc., but with the British Government releasing these documents that had been kept secret for so long, this may now shed some light back onto the topic. With the photographs and videos, there has to be something else out there. The people will not know this until the Government completely releases these documents and more Governments begin to follow suit. The US Government especially should because they have always been accused of providing false information to people and have been involved in many conspiracy theories abroad. It will be interesting to see if people begin to come forward a bit after the documents are released to help shed some light on what they saw and heard so that it can continue to fascinate us beyond our wildest imaginations and dreams.

(added a link to the MoD files below)

UFO Reports in the UK

UFO Reports 1997-2009 in the UK, showing dates and times, location and a brief description of sighting.

FOI Publication Scheme Document Details

Author: Air Command
Owner: MOD
Date document created: 16 Feb 06
Date released proactively: 16 Feb 06
Date last updated: 11 Jan 10
Class of Information: Our policies and procedures
Freedom of Information Organisation area: Armed Forces
Charge: Free of charge
Format: website

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