massive pyramid-like UFO caught in China. A MUST SEE!!!

The content of this video, was originally posted on the Chinese video community You Ku. Apparently the footage was aired on some local TV show and I can't vouch for its authenticity, unless a Chinese, come around to comment about it and say what exactly is written in the original subs.
The video was recorded in January 28 at 8:40 am, in Xi'an city and we can hear fireworks sounds in the downtown, probably the film maker was recording some local event and then he focused the camera in two objects hovering above of two big buildings. At first glance they seemed like balloons, large ones, but when the focus got stabilized, became clear a massive upside down pyramid-like UFO, just stopped, lightly inclined, spinning around its own axis very slowly. smaller object almost similar, performing a 360° turn around the bigger one.
I watched the video thoroughly, seeking by any detail that could indicates a CGI job, but IMO looks pretty authentic. And if it was, is one of the most stunning and baffling footages, ever recorded. It's just weird. It's like to see the Kufhu pyramid flying above an urban center.
It seems the ones that built all these pyramids around the world, are back...

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Sure looks like Kites to me.

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