Mongolian UFO Wreckage?

Posted 2/25/2010 10:30 am by Ron Hogan

What weighs two tons and randomly falls out of the sky in Mongolia? That’s what MUFON researchers and some very concerned Mongolians would like to know! Recently, two objects, one a two-ton hunk and the other a lighter 22-pound hunk, plummeted to earth outside the Mongolian capital of Ulan Bator. Maybe it’s a jet engine; maybe it’s a big old piece of alien spacecraft. Whatever it might be, nobody’s coming forward to claim responsibility for the wreckage.

Odds are, this is just some random junk that fell off some rusted relic of the Soviet Union’s air force. Maybe smugglers? There’s no telling. Even though there is a UFO embassy in nearby Kazakhstan, it’s probably not some space-age technology. Maybe some enterprising Kazakh tried to make his own flying saucer?

It doesn’t look like a jet engine, and I doubt a jet engine weighs two tons, so… what is it really?

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