UFO phenomenon is emblematic of humanity’s loss of control of Earth

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by Dr. John Chang, The Canadian


There has been much debate over what Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) represent. Some researchers suggest that UFOs are some kind a sophisticated airborne craft which can be attributed to clandestine experimental technology by militaries. Other, often ridiculed researchers, suggest that at least a portion of these skyfaring craft, are of extraterrestrial origin.

Arguably, both groups illicit a broader question. Who controls Earth and the skies which surround it? Do we as a human beings control our planet as “masters in our own house”? If so, shouldn’t we be consulted and broadly aware of the identified purpose and nature of such activities? Therefore, the “UFO phenomenon” could be regarded as emblematic of a planet where the pleas of humanity for the affirmation of a substantive mix of human rights; operations of social justice, and for environmental protection, appear to be frustrated.

Some people have systematically disregarded the voluminous testimony and witnesses of alien abductions associated with at least some UFO sightings. Those people who disregard such testimony often point to the lack of an open public declaration by either “the aliens” themselves or by Earthbound governments of the existence of such aliens. In the absence of such an official declaration, the imputation is that existence of such aliens, must therefore be regarded as the rantings of either “crazy”, misguided or intoxicated individuals.

However, we as human beings have not asserted our sovereignty over our own planet. Through capitalism, humans appear to have voluntary surrendered our planet to control by possibly alien entities. The capitalism which is destroying our planet, indeed was being spawned when pre-Biblical era Pagan Gnostics detected a regressive alien intrusion. Could capitalism itself be part of an alien agenda to divest control of our planet away from us, as humans?

It was Dr. Michael Salla who developed a typology on the existence of Manipulative and also of Ethical Extraterrestrials. Manipulative Extraterrestrials in this typology, allegedly collaborate with human elites to perpetuate the enslavement of humankind, in operations where these entities treat human kind as laboratory specimens. If such Manipulative Extraterrestrials are parasitic, as ancient Pagan Gnostics suggested, as per documentation by Dr. John Lash, official disclosure would not be opportune until a point in time when such “disclosure” would serve the aliens, rather than humanity.

‘Ethical’ Extraterrestrials would not want to officially seek to declare their presence until we, humans, having affirmed the control over our own planet have collectively elevated our consciousness to a level which such a declaration would not throw the planet in a further state of chaos. The generation of such chaos, could expedite the oppression of humanity by “regressive interests” at a time when the human population would not have a sufficiently elevated consciousness to assert a collective expression of human consciousness that accommodates free will.

Dr. John’s Lash’s critical research on the Pagan Gnostics, testified to the existence of Manipulative Extraterrestrials which infiltrated the human psyche in a manner that could influence how we perceive such entities. If that were true, then what humanity in part may be perceiving is not necessarily a “superior” technology, but at least a “unknown” technology that may be exploiting our ignorance, with the intent to control and shape human destiny in a manner that is contrary to the affirmation of human free will.

UFOs may be a trivial matter. On the other hand, based upon Pagan Gnostic insight, the same “unknown” technology which manifests UFOs many be manifesting and executing a clandestine agenda that is worth greater human attention.

Based upon Pagan Gnostic insight our very identities of ourselves as human beings may have been manipulated in order to condition our perpetuated disenfranchisement.

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