Almost identified flying objects - Brazil

Aeronautics releases documents detailing alleged sightings of aliens and cases of people "infected"

By Bruno Abbud of Veja magazine - source here

Flagrante ufológico
Flagrant UFO that triggered the "Operation Saucer"
Monday, June 23, 1969. It was past midnight, it was raining and windy thin weak when Dayse Arantes Carneiro, 42, a stay-at-home mom and former typist, drew the attention of the child to a point that shone in the sky without the stars of the north-central Minas Gerais - more precisely between the towns of Guaraciama and Bocaiúva, about 400 km from Belo Horizonte.

Aboard a Rural Willys truck at 40 mph, Dayse noticed an object floating over the trees, 500 meters away, at the foot of the hill. "It was like a fire," reported at the time. "Or a round building with lighted windows at night." The following day, stay-at-home woke up with swollen eyes and sore. He walked to the mirror and realized they were opaque. The feeling disappeared after a few days. Never felt anything like that.

A month and a half later, Dayse reported the case to an official of the Research System of Unidentified Aerial (SIOANI), an agency of the Air Force created in April 1969 and officially ended three years later by the Medici government. The boy looked at the physical and psychological characteristics of the interviewee - considered healthy - and filled a 22-page report, filed under the acronym of classified information from the military.

Today, the document is among nearly 5,000 pages housed at the National Archive in Brasilia, publicly available, detailing sightings of unidentified flying objects, aliens and suspected cases of people "infected" by spotlights registered in Brazil, 1952 2009. You can access much of the material on the Internet.

Designed by Major-Brigadier Jose Vaz da Silva and the aviator Maj. Gilberto de Mello Zani - both deceased - SIOANI sought and investigated all the cases related to UFOs in Brazil during the three years of existence. Why not be a priority activity for the government, the court ended its activities. The Air Force says it does not have equipment or resources to do investigations of UFOs, so it simply makes the record of reported episodes.

This record continues to be the duty of the Armed Forces. The Air Force, for example, developed a standard questionnaire that today is populated by some who claimed to have seen extraterrestrials.

The opening of the documents began in October 2008, after repeated requests from Brazilian ufologists. However, only in late 2010 through the concierge 551/GC3, Lieutenant Brigadier-the-air Juniti Saito regulated access to roles, defining how they would be received, cataloged and archived. As in all countries, UFOs and conspiracy theories go hand in hand also in Brazil. While the Air Force ensures that 100% of the documents were released, the ufologists say less than 5%.

"I estimate that 2% or 3% of all existing documents were revealed by the government," said Ademar José Gevaerd, director of the Brazilian Center for Research of UFOs (CBPDV). "They released less than 400 pages covering the whole decade of 2000. I, alone, produce it in three months. " Fernando de Aragao Ramalho, vice president of the Brazilian Studies Extraterrestrial Entity (EBE-ET), agrees: "With absolute certainty the military hide some of the material." The pair said that for years had access to documents not included in the batch released by the government. The Air Force denies.

"Pursuant to the determination of Air Force Command since August 2010, the Brazilian Aerospace Defense Command (COMDABRA), whose mission is to perform homeland defense against all forms of aerospace attack, spent annually to send all their records of sightings to the National Archives. All records, without exception, are being passed, "he said in a statement, the Center for Social Communication of the Air Force.

The differences among ufologists, military and scientists are as old as the existence of people who claim to have seen UFOs and ETs. On June 27, 1986, for example, ufologist Claudeir Covo and physicist at the University of São Paulo (USP) Luiz Carlos Menezes staged a debate in the pages of Jornal da Tarde. "Seriously, there are flying saucers and the aliens are interested in the Earth," said Covo. Menezes retorted: "Oh yeah? So why not come down for a coffee? "

One of the earliest references to flying saucers of humanity, according to UFO researchers, appears recorded in the Bible. In 60 BC, the prophet Ezekiel stopped on the river Chebar in Mesopotamia, and saw "a wheel within a wheel, all full of eyes, which came down from heaven in a cloud of smoke." The theologians attach the image to a "divine vision".

Since then, the shape of flying objects such as those described by Ezekiel became a classic.In Brazil, the most famous of them went down in history after the "Operation Saucer" - which displaced the BAF to Para to investigate strange apparitions. In October 1977, the city of Colares, near the island of Marajo a mysterious luminous object was seen after 19h when flying a few feet of soil.

In the documents of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) the case appears described as a UFO that emitted an intense beam of light toward people who, trembling, and lost their senses dawn sick. Wellaide Cecim de Carvalho, at the time of medical, Hospital Necklaces, confided to agents of the INS that he had met men and women with small holes in the skin, generalized paralysis and burns. About to send reports to the Department of Health, Wellaide preferred to refrain, for fear of ridicule.

Alfredo De La O, Father of the city, and Ildone Favacho Soeiro, mayor of Lookouts, neighboring district, also reported seeing a UFO: "An object crossing the sky at amazing speed, casting a yellow light and in absolute silence." The INS sent a team to photograph the local population called the "animal".

Armed with a camera Minolta SRT-101, the officers failed to record the image: "a clear spot, like a light, not allowing it to make any conjecture about their form." However, when they returned to Bethlehem, remained laconic, too afraid of being ridiculed by their peers. For days, at dusk, residents continued to organize processions Necklaces, lighting fires and drop rockets in order to scare the "animal". The case gained worldwide proportions and the issue was highlighted on the covers of several newspapers.

Equally emblematic, another episode that impressed ufologists worldwide was "The Night official UFO in Brazil," in May 19, 1986: an air traffic controller in Sao Jose dos Campos detected unknown lights in the skies of the region and warned the FAB . Quickly, supersonic fighters have been deployed to chase the UFO, but no localiz'a them (probably the aliens fled after seeing the power of the national military arsenal on the wings).

However, the Roswell event happened in Varginha Brazil, half a century after the most famous episode of the alien in U.S. history. While ufologists Americans accuse the government had confiscated artifacts and alien bodies, taken after the crash of a flying saucer in New Mexico in 1947, Brazilians believe that ET miner (for adoption, it is good to point out) just stopped to visit the region after having been imprisoned by the Army on January 20, 1996.

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