Alien Footprints On The Moon?

Now here’s something pretty interesting. Check out the images below that show an ‘astronaut’s’ footprints. Now what’s so intriguing about this?

These are way smaller, having a different impression than the boots worn by the astronauts. Here, take a look….

Image AS17-137-20904 with inset enlargement of non-U.S. astronaut boot print.
Courtesy: NASA/LunarArcheology

Compare the footprint sizes highlighted by me in yellow. There is also no thickness
in the smaller boot’s sole. This suggests the footprint has not been made by any
of our astronauts.

Who were the crew aboard Apollo 17?

Eugene A. Cernan, Ronald E. Evans and Harrison H. Schmitt

So whose feet are less than half the size ‘14’ boots of the other astronaut? Cernan or Schmitt?
That said, who could be the ‘alien’ astronaut?

Here's the 'alien' astronaut seen on the right side of the image taken by Apollo-17, who’s probably made these impressions. Considering the size of the boulder, he doesn't seem more than 4-5 feet tall:

AS17-137-20900 from the Apollo Image Atlas
Courtesy LPI

Note the differences in the space suits worn by our astronauts. Or is he (Left images below) an astronaut from an existent Moon base? More likely one from the secret US space program. Check it out here…The Top Secret US Military Space Program. Is The Future Already Here?

AS-17-137-20900 (crop) and AS-17-146-22296 (crop)
Courtesy: NASA/LPI/LunarArcheology

What do you guys think? The small footprints seem to be of someone not more than four to five feet tall, probably a small female astronaut. The differences in the space suits seem intriguing, but the general similarity in the equipment does not point to an alien being there. Most likely, as I’ve mentioned, a female astronaut from a secret space program having some sort of a base on the Moon!


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