"Meteorite" over Canada - was it A SHOT DOWN UFO?

The recent meteorite sighting over western Canada is really a shot down UFO, I say this because the media failed to mention the minor details overlooked by many. Number one the second tail emanating from the object (look closely at the original photo), secondly the greenish hue of the flame upon impact , thirdly a witness compared the footage to a meteorite impact in Turkey and it was nothing at all similar to this. I know each impact is different but I noticed these details with my colleague Derek Frankcom after careful scrutiny and examination. www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5yXHcSnJgY&feature=related we have some questions about this incident.

The size of the meteorite should have been seen or known by weather stations, radar and/or trackin stations , astronomers and observatories did not inform the public about a possible large object impact from space. Apparently the size of this object has been downplayed as well. Is this a possible diversion tactic?

Could have something or someone assisted Earth in a type of "Star Wars" planetary protection system or a Universal Federation of Planets entity that intervened to advert potential invasion or disaster?

It may sound out-of-this-world but consider it and examine the footage for yourself with an open mind. If it was a UFO crash then the clean up efforts will be covered up , this may be Canada's Roswell.

If it was merely a meteorite or spacejunk then the safety of the public was put at risk and endangered without the proper information relayed at the specific moment spoken of. No reported injuries or damage has come forward as of yet , however this does not mean that there was nothing substantially destroyed or impacted from this crashed object

Source: http://my.nowpublic.com/strange/was-meteorite-over-western-canada-shot-down-ufo-5

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