Web-Bot: a demonic extraterrestrial consciousness controls everything. Biden: "Obama will be tested like Kennedy"

by Dr. John Chang

Pagan ancient Gnostics suggest that our Earth is a biotic consciousness that has been captured in an artificial universe which is created by Manipulative Extraterrestrials. Dr. John Lash describes the Gnostics as having suggested that humans in relationship to our Earthly biotic consciousness, have been trapped in this artificial universe, analogous to an insect that is trapped in a spider's web. Gnostics suggest that humans must free themselves by raising themselves to a higher existential consciousness, or intelligent inorganic entities of this universe, will continue to parasitize humanity -- until they execute the timely enslavement and destruction of humanity. This Gnostic admonition would have been more difficult to prove, if it was not for Web-bot.

Web-Bot, is an artificial-intelligence-derived computer programme that has been able to predict the occurrence of seemly random catastrophic events. So far, the Web-Bot's has been able to predict such catastrophic events as (1) the 2001 anthrax attack on Washington DC (2) the East Coast power outage in 2003 (3) the Columbia Shuttle Disaster on 1 February 2003 (4) the earthquake which resulted in the December 26, 2004 tsunami (5) hurricane Katrina and the events that followed (6) and also apparent stock market fluctuations that include the current financial crisis (7), and very notably, the 9/11 World Trade Center attack in New York City. The Web Bot also warns of a global cataclysmic event expected to take place in late December 2012.

George Ure, who runs a website on "business, financial, and earth change news," became interested in the Web-bot technology seven years ago. He states that: "In June 2001, I began to correspond with a reader of my website who said he was willing to share access to a promising new web technology, on the condition that I protect his identity," Ure begins his account of his acquaintance with the man who had played a major role in developing the Web Bot. Their cooperation lasted several weeks and, indeed, produced a surprising outcome.

Arguably, based upon John Lash's and other scholarly insights, no computer system would have been able to accurately predict such events, unless such events were guided by an artificial intelligence, consistent with the same Manipulative Extraterrestrials documented by John Lash. Web-Bot suggests that apparent random catastrophic events that humanity is experiencing, is being generated by some very sophisticated but predictable artificial intelligence based mathematical algorithim of some kind. Based upon Web-Bot's track record to-date, humanity should not take further predictions of catastrophic events, culminating in some kind of cataclysm in 2012, that coincides with the end of the Mayan calendar, for granted.

The Gnostics even before the modern advent of computers, described Manipulative Extraterrestrials as "inorganic" and "artificial man":

Yaldabaoth, the presumed all-mighty creator God, really creates nothing; instead, he copies from "archetypal" patterns in the Pleroma. The planetary stereoma of his making is like a plastic copy of an abalone shell. Only someone who does not know the reality of the abalone shell, and what living miracle of nature is required to produce it, would accept the plastic substitution. Here again, the cosmic- noetic parallel applies: Archons simulate in the cosmos at large, and they also simulate in the human mind. This is a key indication of their effect, a clue to their subtle intrusion tactics, LINK.

Gnostics as documented by Dr. Lash observed the impostor "God" of these intrusive aliens as producing a cosmos described by the Coptic term hal, "simulation." The vast planetary system within this universe of the Archons is a stereoma, a virtual reality projection in simulation of a higher dimensional pattern. The origins of humanity in the Gnostic view are not of this universe, but of an "organic universe" in a higher dimensional time-space continuum. Gnostic described God and gods associated with various organized religions as the "alien faces" of demonic consciousness that seek worship from humanity to artificial alien creations, including Earth's place in the universe, and alien value systems, such as eugenic-inspired capitalism, that are used to enslave humanity.

Colin Hill findings further affirms Gnostic suggestions of an artificial universe, through his Fractal Universe theory. Hill challenges the Big Bang theory, by suggesting that Einstein and Friedman made fallacious assumption. Their equations assumed that the universe was formed from "dust".

In physical cosmology, fractal cosmology relates to the usage or appearance of fractals in the study of the universe or cosmos. In a wide variety of places, in fact almost anywhere they look in the universe, people studying the heavens are finding fractals or fractal-like structures. LINK. A recent article in The Canadian furthermore documented research by scholars on the relationship between fractals and Manipulative Extraterrestrials observed by the Gnostics. LINK

Benoit Mandelbrot coined the term fractal in 1975, to describe figures that are rough and varied rather than smooth or regular, as being attributes in, the utility of the central concepts of Fractal Geometry. In "Fractals: form, chance, and dimension," (1977) he suggested that galaxies in our universe are fractally distributed, and gave a mathematical expression for such distributions. Mandelbrot’s landmark book "The Fractal Geometry of Nature" presented the imputation that fractals could be used as a mechanism to allow one to mimic the appearance and properties of real-world forms.

Following the fractal hypothesis on the origins of this universe, was begun by using pictures, not maths, in an attempt to explain the wide-spread occurrence of spirals in space. This research produced unexpected results. The identification of similarities between all sizes of bodies from super-galactic down to the atomic, brought with it, like it or not, a clear connection to Schroedinger's quantum mathematics.

Only passing reference to the mathematical context of a Fractal generated universe can be made in this non-technical article. Those interested should refer to one of the many books on the subject of Schroedinger's atomic physics.

Hill, raises the following questions that support the extent to which this universe was created and is being manipulated by an invasive artificial intelligence: LINK

Why does the pattern of galaxy super-clusters in space show fractal features?

Why do galaxies occur in clusters and chains?

Why are there spirals in sizes from superclusters, galaxies, through quasars, down to meteors?

Why do they often resemble hurricanes in shape?

Why do these spirals, even down to meteors, spit out jets of plasma?

Why do they radiate wide-spectrum electromagnetic energy?

Why do many spirals e.g NGC 7814 resemble high-voltage arcs?

Why are some plasma jets periodic?

Why does the centre of our galaxy resemble a dynamo?

Why are the largest craters on planets and moons at or near the poles?

The resemblance between the shapes of 'ordinary' spiral galaxies and hurricanes was noted long ago, but the idea got no further. Spirals are not remarkable enough. However, Hill notes, a strange-looking hurricane in the Caribbean on 26 September 2002 is less easy to dismiss as accident. How did the mis-shapen hurricane 'Karl' come to bear such a strong likeness to the equally deviant 'Tadpole Galaxy'? Hill then further asks, pure coincidence or a shared formative process?

Tadpole Galaxy

Tadpole Galaxy (US Hurrwarn/ NOAA) / Hurricane Karl (NASA) .

Colin Hill hypothesizes that the universe consists of a series of spiral bodies of diminishing size each made in turn by plasma ejection and moulded by a spatial Coriolis effect: a rotating fractal universe. LINK

Doug Yurchey, in the article titled "The Artificial World We Live In" further complements Gnostic insights on an artificial universe. Yurchey, who is a writer who has lectured at Carnegie Mellon University and California State at Northridge, details in his article:

We assume the world is natural; that everything just happens, naturally. Schoolbooks teach us that the entire Universe just BANGED into existence. Scientists assume that stars and planets came into being by dust and debris coalescing or concentrating over eons of time...

We assume the educators know what they are talking about. We assume the anthropologists are correct because 'that's their job and they're the experts.' We should question traditional conclusions...

What if the Universe itself is an artificial construct? Where scientists see only lifelessness; there could be life. What we believe is natural could be artificial. Out of ignorance, we may be viewing the Universe the wrong way.

Yurchey then makes interesting observations about the Moon, that has been explored by scholars in other articles published in The Canadian as allegedly being "artificial":

Let's examine celestial objects in our own Solar System. We do not have to look far in our search for cosmic artificialness. The Moon might not be natural. It is too large. The only other planets with similar sized moons are the GIANT planets of Jupiter and Saturn. Great Saturn only has one satellite close to the size of our Moon (Titan). Venus is similar to the size of Earth and is moonless. Mars has only two small meteors as moons.

The Moon contains rocks older than any bodies in our Solar System. The Moon does not fit with the rest of the planets and satellites. Could the Moon have been BROUGHT IN?

In an exclusive interview, Jordan Maxwell, LINK 'the Godfather of Secret Societies' revealed that he attended a Moon/Mars Conference in Oakland, CA. Richard C. Hoagland, LINK of NASA and writer/lecturer of the Monuments of Mars spoke at this 1995 conference. Lunar and Martian anomalies were discussed. The government classified a million lunar photographs and restricted their distribution to the public. Government sources MAY confirm that THE MOON IS HOLLOW. Our satellite is composed of a 'metallic superstructure.' It was brought into the Solar System.

In an article called 'Who Stops to Question the Man in the Moon?' readers find that the Man in the Moon might be an artificial situation. We think it is natural for the Moon to always have one side that faces the Earth. We all take this astronomical fact for granted. Not only did someone; some high intelligence bring the Moon in...but it was PURPOSELY SET to rotate precisely as it revolved around Earth. This is a synchronized clockwork condition that will never change. It should change. Orbits decay and change over time. Either a slowing or speeding up of rotation and revolution would alter the perfect 'in sync' relationship we have with our Moon. Scientists know this will never change. The far side of the Moon will always face away from our planet. Normally and naturally: We should, intermittently, see the lunar far side. But we never will and this is NOT NATURAL!

Could an ancient machine or device be purposely compensating the lunar rotation and revolution to keep this unnatural planet/moon system going as is? Why would someone want one side of the Moon to face the Earth? The reason is the only planet that we know for sure has LIFE also has the perfect observation platform. From the far side; aliens, humans-with-the-technology or any higher intelligent ETs could operate secretly. Radio-silence of the Moon would block all broadcasts. It is logical to assume that SOMEBODY uses the lunar far side. It is the perfect place for an observation base. It is too perfect. Our monitors from the Moon could be numerous alien races..

Yurchey then further elaborates:

Scientists say we are 'gravity-locked' with our Moon. Gravity-Lock is a myth. Astronomers had to come up with some natural explanation, no matter how unfounded. If "G.L." exists, why aren't all planets gravity-locked with their moons? Why are we different? The astrophysicists cannot answer these basic questions; yet we are to believe their NATURAL answers.

The Moon, in every way, is an anomally. Luna has artificial structures. The Feds are operating, in secret, on the Moon and even on the planet Mars... There have been reports that the Moon has slight weather. Question the party line of a lifeless Moon and Mars. What THEY tell us on the media might not be the truth.

Indigenous people, and artefacts from ancient civilizations have described a time when there was no moon in Earth's orbit.

Yurchey then makes observations about other Moons:

Another synchronic relationship between planet and moon also exists with Pluto/Charon. Charon orbits 'in sync' with the ROTATION of Pluto. This is a different situation than our satellite relationship. On the surface of Pluto, Charon would never move and always be in the same position in the sky. Pluto's and Earth's synchronicity are not the norm for celestial bodies. There are probably more than 100 satellites to all the planets in our Solar System. These two situations are known oddities in the great minority. What makes these oddities different than the rest of the satellites? Maybe the systems only seem natural and are really artificial situations? Could cosmic INTELLIGENCES have artificially created what we assume is natural?

The point here is: What we take for granted as natural.

Then Yurchey explores Venus as further evidence of an artificial universe:

The planet Venus is not natural. At .72 Astronomical Units, Venus is a total enigma. It's extremely thick atmosphere acts as a pressure-cooker. There is a big mystery here: How is Venus losing its energy? The planet captures its heat energy and does not release it into space. Scientists expected a molten planet. When probes finally peeked through the thick atmosphere, they found THE MOST INTENSE CRATERING IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM! This means that the surface of Venus is so super ancient and dense that we have preserved craters from the days of the early Solar System. Venus has not terra-formed or changed in all that time. No one expected high mountain peaks on Venus.

Another article to read is called 'Life Inside Venus?' The article indicates that the second planet from the sun is not a natural object. Venus functions more like an artificial orb; something constructed; like George Lucas' Deathstar; than a normal planet. There are hellish conditions on the surface of Venus. INSIDE Venus might be the perfect place to hide an advanced civilization. Is this theorized race of Venusians using up the planet's heat energy on the inside?

Then Yurchev supports Gnostic insights on the whole solar system being an apparent simulation of what Gnostic described as demonic "Lord Archon", as documented by Dr. Lash, as seeking to present themselves to humanity as a "divine Creator" to be worshipped:

Then Yurchey provides indirect insights on Web-Bots apparent artificial intelligence context of predicting events that Gnostic suggests may be the result of aliens seeking to intrude on Earth's biological consciousness:

Returning to Bode's Law, all the planets conform to a particular pattern out from the sun. Some intelligence put the planets in their place. If the positioning of planets were a natural or RANDOM event, the planets would have chaotic orbits around the sun. Instead, there is virtually perfect ORDER: The planets' orbits are aligned ellipses in an Ecliptic Plane...

Those with the technology can artificially disturb nature and all of us would assume these were natural events. Could a sunny day be purposefully planned for some reason unknown to us?

Jordan Maxwell has told this writer that when big news events happen, they happen for a reason. Major stories do not just occur. When strange things happen on the news that makes no sense to you... they happen for a real reason unknown to you. Jordan quotes FDR who stated this very same concept. Rarely is the public let in on the real truth. Usually they are fed disinformation; only what the secret THEY want us to know. Even the news events and history do not unfold naturally! In many cases, they have been artificially fabricated for secret reasons and according to secret agendas. For example, we were led to believe that the AIDS virus was natural, that it came out of Africa. We just assume that Ebola, etc, developed in nature without human help. Maybe these deadly viruses did not. They could be experiments and purposely unleashed on a unsuspecting general public.

Web-Bot creators further remark:

There is no witchcraft or woo-woo in what we do -- it's hard core computer science and radical linguistics. So, no magic to be had... The records provided by the Web Bot have confirmed the ancient Mayan and Chinese prophesies that the year 2012 will bring an unspecified disaster and maybe even the anticipated Armageddon. "Here's where it starts to become very interesting. The bot program also predicts a worldwide calamity taking place in the year 2012," writes one excited blogger.

The apparent Web-Bot prediction capabilities of catastrophic and traumatic events on planet Earth appear to confirm the existence of what John Lash and other scholars like Richard Anders refers to as a regressive "emotionless" cyborg-like demonic artificial intelligence.

These scholars suggest that humanity needs to take a fresh perspective on humanity relationship to Earth, in the context of what has been described as an artificial universe. Humanity cannot afford to further take for granted, events that are adversely effecting humanity, as simply being random. Such events may the design of regressive aliens that Gnostic suggest, are ego-driven entities that seek to parasitize, enslave, and eventually completely destroy humanity in an archonic "orgy" of destruction in 2012, with catastrophic events that could include a feared nuclear holocaust sometime in the vicinity of 2009.

In closed-door gatherings with two audiences of Democratic Party insiders and fundraisers, Joe Biden, in now famous allusions, forecasted a major international crisis in the first six months of an Obama administration:

He [Biden] compared Obama to John F. Kennedy, the last senator to be elected president. "It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy," Biden said.

The world is looking. We're about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America. Watch. We're going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy."

Kennedy almost presided over World War III, and an accompanying nuclear holocaust. Has Web-Bot creators warned us about such a scenario that is being planned by a demonic consciousness that had been observed by the Gnostics?

Source: http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/home/Frontpage/2008/10/25/02732.html

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