Dec. 16th on "Overnight AM" Radio - Bill Birnes from The History Channels “UFO Hunters”

Bill Birnes, from The History Channels ‘UFO Hunters’ joins Overnight AM with Lan Lamphere to talk about the biggest cover up in the history of mankind regarding a well documented event in 1997 that occurred over Phoenix AR known as the Phoenix Lights. This event was a landmark in social history that bared witness to the fact that the Untied States Government knows no bounds when it comes to flat out lying to the American people. The tactics and information created by the Feds are being used on the conscious of the American people to this day in regard to Barack Obama. Tu8ne in tonight, Live, as we get to the bottom of the issue and what we as a nation can do to stop the lies coming from Washington DC. (TUNE IN LIVE HERE ) Starting at 10:00 PM EST / 9:00 PM CST



Anonymous said...

Great article Claudia this could turn out to be big Bill Birnes and UFO Hunters are popular thank you for your contact and support may I wish you all the very best Flyboysg1

Claudia said...

Thanks Flyboys!!!!!! see u there tonite!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Caludia its Jamie from World UFO Space,great stories,just stopped by to say hi,and see what you were blogging about,see ya later.Jamie

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