I have made a quick search on Youtube and have found videos from 2003 and 2005!!! And i didn't have to look for too long. Watch them both and compare the crafts!!!!! Do you see a connection? Watch how they fly, almost if like hovering,"looking" for something....what do you think?????
This is the 2003 video:

This video is from 2005, watch:

Below is the latest video that happened on December 5th, 2008:

"This phenomena is being seen consecutively everyday since december 5th. This time I waited and it happened again. I invite everyone who is in Santiago, to look toward the sunset and you will see it with your own eyes. For sure it will happen again, as it has happened on the 10th of december last year and in other occasions" (
This is my lame attempt to a translation, below is the original text in spanish)

Este fenómeno se ha estado viendo consecutivamente todos
los días desde el 5 de diciembre. Esta vez espere a las 9:30
y ocurrió de nuevo. Los invito si están en santiago dirijan sus
miradas hacia el sur poniente y lo vean con sus propios ojos.
Seguramente volvera a ocurrir, tal como ocurrió el 10 de
diciembre del año pasado y en otras ocasiones..

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