LISTEN: TOP UFO disclosure experts review global progress on Dec. 17

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December 16, 3:06 PM
by Jeff Peckman, Denver UFO Examiner

A UFO Special Edition on the Richard Syrett Show will feature three of the world’s foremost experts on governmental UFO Disclosure. Host Richard Syrett and co-host Victor Viggiani of Exopolitics Toronto will interview the guests live on NewsTalk 1010 CFRB Toronto AM radio, Wednesday December 17 - 10:00 PM to 1:00 am EST.

Dr. Steven Greer, Stephen G. Bassett and Dr. Michael Salla will join Richard and Victor to discuss the current framework and direction of the international geo-political Disclosure movement. They will describe how related global non-polluting free energy and new technology issues will eliminate the need for damaging petroleum, coal and nuclear energy sources.

Listeners worldwide are encouraged to call in to the show to share their ideas on what UFO Disclosure might mean and how it might be achieved.

If you’re a journalist, news editor or politician, who may wish to remain anonymous, you will have an ideal opportunity to speak to these three global experts in the Disclosure movement. If so desired, you can acquire first hand knowledge and an individual communication link with any or all of the guests for future contact. Any journalist or politician can call toll free at the number below. Identify that you are an accredited journalist or a politician and you will be given priority to be connected live to the program to engage any of Richard Syrett’s guests.

Hour One 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST: Dr. Steven Greer will review his Disclosure Project initiatives and his new energy program The Orion Project.

Hour Two 11:00 PM to 12:00 midnight EST: Stephen G. Bassett Director of the Paradigm Research Group, will give an update on the Million FAX on Washington DC pursuant to the election of Barack Obama. He will also be addressing some of the recent geo-political and media issues as the UFO/ET Disclosure Process gains momentum across the planet.

Hour Three Midnight to 1:00 am EST: Dr. Michael Salla of the Exopolitics Institute will join Richard and Victor at midnight to discuss his recent trip to New York where he met with a high ranking US Naval source. The source described to him the nature of secret United Nations meetings in New York City and Upstate New York to discuss the process of disclosing information about UFOs and Extraterrestrials to the public.

To speak with Richard, Victor, and their guests call: Toll Free 1.800.561.CFRB – Local 416.872.1010 – or - Cell *TALK

For more info: The Richard Syrett Show web site:; Richard’s Audio Archive:


Unknown said...

been tuned in the last hour. this is very interesting. but there are way too many adverts! I have to go to bed now (4am in uk) unfortunately. when its finished, could you post the for interview for download but with adverts cut out please.

Claudia said...

Chris, I totally agree! The previous interview with Bill Birnes (did you get that? check previous posts) was much less "disturbed" by advertisement (different station). But the issues they discussed were great!

I will try to post the interview the way you requested asap.

Cheers, thanks for posting.


Claudia said...

FYI for all who are waiting for the audio of the interview, as of this moment it is not yet available, but please check back often on the link below (I will too), as soon as a link pops up, I will post an update.
(check at the bottom for Dec. 17)


Unknown said...

Thankyou for the upload here :)
No Adverts!! Thank you :D
This really is an amazing interview. Everyone should listen to it!

When you click to download, when the add pops up, click skip add in top right. (confused me for me for a wile!)

Thanx for the upload!

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