Sending a TEXT message.... to an ALIEN?????

Ok...this is kinda funny, I know. But hey,who knows.... maybe they will why not give it a try?

The SMS-style communications are transmitted in the hope that alien life forms will intercept them and discover Earth.

The messages are sent through a website originally created to send romantic declarations and expressions of love into the cosmos.

They are beamed across the universe on radio waves using a giant satellite dish

Chris Thomason, one of the founders of website, based in Surrey, said: "Lots of people believe we're not alone. They send messages saying 'I am here, I am ready', or 'Waiting for you to contact me'."

The website accepts messages that it passes on free of charge, but users who want a certificate of transmission must pay £9.95, which includes postage.

The site says it aims to replace standard greeting cards that are "so temporary in nature – often being thrown away just a few days after being sent".

Messages posted through the site are sent into space through the British Telecom satellite transmission station at Goonhilly in Cornwall.

The site says: "In space, radio waves travel forever or until they hit a solid body like a star or a planet. However, the radio beam gets wider and wider with distance so that if a star or planet in some distant galaxy was in the direct line, large amounts of the signal would continue straight past it."

Earlier this year social networking site Bebo arranged to have more than 500 images and text messages transmitted into deep space. The signal was aimed at a planet known as Gliese 581C, which was selected because scientists believe it is capable of supporting life. The messages sent included one from Radio One DJ Scott Mills.

The text into space can be sent from any mobile phone by texting to the Virgin Mobile short code 80995 ( in the UK).

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