Miles O’Brien and Six Producers ‘Let Go’ from CNN after UFO Specials

Sometimes those big stories really do slip by unnoticed, don’t they? I found this by chance only today, 19 days after the event itself.

Rumors are afoot that Miles O’Brien may have been the victim of something other than simple ‘restructuring’. Consider, if you will, this quote from O’Brien’s entry on Wikipedia:

It was announced on December 3, 2008 that O’Brien would be leaving CNN, along with 6 producers, as a result of the company disbanding most of its science and technology unit.

Innocuous, yes…?

Not so fast!

After some back and forth with Grant Cameron, we were given this info by Giuliano Marinkovic:

Here are some reference links with official release:
CNN Closes Space/Tech/Environmental Reporting Unit; Miles O’Brien Departs
Miles O’Brien To Leave CNN. Network Shutters Science, Space and Tech Unit

Also I think this was some kind of blog-diary of Obrien activities. I will check up that one later to see better. here is the link:

I know [of] some vague discussions about the possible UFO connection here:

There are some whispers about in the UFO community (Salla has also touched on that in the last Richard Syrett show - the last episode with him, Bassett and Greer) but I haven’t heard nothing concrete yet only whispering.

Indeed, there certainly are references made to the UFO show on O’Brien’s Twitter Page. For example…

“In Search of Aliens” now history. Pushing to do one more story - combine the rest - and make an hour special for the holidays. Stay tuned!
– [ Source ]

And so much for Miles’ current job situation being the result of a mere ‘disbanding’…

Being unemployed is hard work. Never expected to be this busy. A good public firing can make the phone ring, that is for sure.
– [ Source ]

Don’t turn that dial, folks… this could be a bumpy ride!



Tag said...

Great Post. Have anyone seen this ufo prog that was on cnn? Anybody got links to this past programming?

Claudia said...

I have seen it and here's the links I found on Youtube:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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