Watchful Wednesday, are the Twin Quakes coming?

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"First thing I did this morning when I got up - after a vitamin and first mouthful of coffee, was to scan the news channels and see if our expected earthquake for December 10-12/13 and it's twin to follow shortly thereafter had appeared yet.

No, but arguably, there has been some 'linguistic fill' with headlines out of New Guinea that "Huge waves destroy hospital, homes" Although attributed to 'king tides' several readers have noted that it's coincident to a 5.6 earthquake off the north coast of Indonesia. Just doesn't seem big enough since the imagery for the quakes has been around so guess? Close but no cigar on that one.

Along the same lines, a number of readers sent in questions like "Was that 6.8 in the Kermadec Islands region on December 9th 'it'?" Only remotely possible, although if it were the precursor, it could argue seems for the Pacific Northwest as a possible antipodal point. But I don't think so. Again, not large enough.

Let me go back into the predictive linguistics to the August 9th ALTA Report (Part Five of that data run) and give you a little more to chew on while we wait to see/feel? if events will work out as expected. Again, a link to this site and (the original source which generously allows me to repost here) if there's any further use. That said, here's what it was looking like in ther August 8, 2008 report:

"December 10th through the 15th of January are especially active with combinations of problems including the [earthquake] already forecast for that period in the 32/thirty-two to 36/thirty-six degrees of latitude band, and also now several large [storms] are indicated to also contribute to the [diaspora] meme at [local] and [regional] levels. There are specific references within the [flowing waters/flooding_induced by storms] which include the [pacific northwest] of the continental USofA, as well as [northern, western europe]. This last is apparently also associated with [storm surge]."


"The Terra entity continues to accrue values under the [dancing mountains] sub set, and as this is likely [volcanic], and includes a [swarming of earthquakes], the linguistic structures are also pointing toward [oceanic dancing mountains]. The sub set can also be interpreted at the secondary support level by the phrase [planetary growth spurt]. This could be indicating that the planetary expansion model needs to be reviewed for potential accuracy."

I don't think Cliff would mind sharing some of the drill down in that report, since if it happens, the following may be interesting to compare with actual events as they (possibly?) unfold:

"There continue to be aspect/attribute sets which accrue in support of the [earthquake] in December. The actual range in December has been noted in modelspace to extend from December 3rd out to January 5th, but the spot of the largest accretion of groups of support within that range is December 10th through the 12th. This is also when the [visibility] sub set summations are at their peak. Further, the sub set of [earthquake] for December, while having a 32/thirty-two to 36/thirty-six degree latitude band for the 'center' of this particular earthquake series, also are indicating a [radiating/extending northward] pattern of impact. The [northward/north bound] direction of this [earthquake] will somehow be more significant relative to the [damage caused] than other potential directions. Further the [location] of the [epicenter] is indicated to have something of a [joke/pun], or other [playful quality] associated with the local name.

The Terra entity has had growth in the supporting layers of a number of sets which are themselves acting as support via cross links to the GlobalPop and Populace/USofA sets of [food supplies]. The data sets seemingly indicate that Terra intrusions this Fall and Winter will produce some [dramatic] new [crises] within the area of the [food supplies]. This is showing as being planetary in scope."

In the August 2, 2008 report, there was more:

"The data sets in support of a large [earthquake] in December 2008 are suggesting that a [disputed territory], or [long chain of disputes over lands] will be the location of the most [damage]. These [disputed lands] are indicated to be very [near/proximate] to a [hyper spatial/sacred geometry] point in the [northern hemisphere]. The indications are that the latitudes will be near or in the range between [32/thirty-two] and [37/thirty-seven] degrees. Now we note that the most prominent [disputed territory] within this latitude band is Kashmir, and that it is also in very geophysically active area. The [32/thirty-two] and [37/thirty-seven] degrees could also be a number of other locations, most of which are also geophysically active as they are within the [hyper spatial/sacred geometry] band. These include California around San Francisco, and the New Madrid fault in the central USofA, as well as all of Turkey, and areas in China near the recent very large earthquake. This last is probably less likely as presumably the great quake there has released strains."

And to go back even earlier, the July 4th, 2008 ALTA 0509 (e.g. looks in the data out to May of 09) report initially looked like this:

"Within the [destruction of the past] sub set, which is still gaining values, there is a sub set indicating that the [great quake (8+ R.scale)] will be [deep] at an [exceptional level], and yet *still* has [destructive power] for [surface structures]. There are also indications of [severe affects (on/to) waters] and their [flows]. This area is cross linked back over to our now very tiresome [flood] aspect/attribute set where we find supporting sets for [alterations (of) flows], and [tidal currents/shoreline shapes change], as well as further links back to [benthic topography shifts]. This area of [sub sea floor] descriptors is also extensively cross linked over to the [ocean sickness/illness/radical change] which is itself a sub set of the [global coastal event] sub set forecast for 2009."

The reason I am paying so much attention to this quake is that we only got about 7/8 months of lead-time on the Banda Aceh quake which appeared in June/July ALTA reports in advance of the December 2004 event. That was accompanied by descriptors of "300-thousand dead; land driven back to a previous age" and others. The problem with that forecast was that it was 'muddied' by language that went to the idea of a courthouse being abandoned and a prison somehow close to the edge of damage. We came to learn that the September (25th I think it was) quake during the Lacey Peterson trial in Redwood City fulfilled one set of imagery, but not the 300-thousand dead/land driven back to previous age" descriptors. That didn't happen until late December of '04.

Understanding that, and other events like the two hurricanes (Katrina and her 'dark companion Rita' we've got a hypothesis that the the longer the lead time before an event, the larger the impact of the event when it shows up. While we hope to be wrong (we may be nuts, but not \crazy) the data here is very long term and while it lacks a clear 'temporal marker (like the wedding links/aspects to the May China quake which we jabbered about for a few days before it hit - click here for details) this one seems pretty 'clean' in that we ought to see the quake on news crawlers before the weekend and somehow the 'twin' may set science to reconsidering linkages between major earthquakes.

In early May, the ALTA 0209 report was mentioning earthquakes and 'land rising'. Some of the 'unfilled' language goes to this:

"The [earthquakes] sub set for this geographic sub set is predominantly supported by the [rising waters], and [extreme waters] sub sets. There are detail layers going to [rocking marshlands], and [estuaries (placed into) movement/shaken], as well as [water levels rush (into) marshlands/estuaries]. Further detail layers provide for [visibility] points which will include [waters (and/or/resulting from) earthquake] which will [push/propel boats and cars backwards]. Then deeper detail layers point toward the [diaspora] sub set and include support for [stranded long time], and [unreachable (no communications) for a long time]. And [intolerable situation], and [long isolation]."

Remember: This part dates back to the ALTA 209 Part one report, which means that linguistic snapshot is about 7-months old. The data seems to 'fill-in' as we move closer to events (and visa versa) except that time isn't how most people understand it, and I suppose we could leave it at that.

If you were really into the study of time, a reread of Michael Crichton's "Timeline" might be

interesting, except the way Cliff's groundbreaking work happens, we don't focus so much on 'quantum foam' directly as ITC did in the book, it's all based on the study of the words that come along with the change from now to then. Oh, and this is all a garage project; no big bucks and supercomputers as ITC had in Crichton's work, LOL


None of this is posted with the idea of scaring anyone. Just a good time to have a couple of bottles of water with out, review the 'triangle of life' debate, and just remember that as soon as something starts to shaking, you should look to protect yourself whether it's a doorway or desk, or whatever.

As usual, hopefully this will be all wrong - an artifact of a defect piece of code in one of the 200+ small programs that make up the 'web bot project'. But, in case it's not, that's more detail so we can compare what really happens (if anything) with the linguistic hints that came along ain advance.


If the quake(s) do happen, it will be just one more data point that would establish that humans at some level have a way of sensing 'leaks' of future events that have large emotional impacts. This is already pretty well established in science, but most folks don't want to confront it because it might involve reconsidering large portions of personal belief systems where they might discover that 'lie' makes up half of 'belief'.

If you'd like to go further, Dr. Dean Radin's 2000 paper "Time-reversed human experience: Experimental evidence and implications" should be on your reading list - along with Radin's books like Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality.

The world is not only strange - it's stranger than we can imagine. But as Cliff is fond of reminding me: It's a time when humans get to sort out the difference between magic and magicians on the one hand and the sorcerers on the other. It's the difference between touching the stream and sleight of hand tricks.

Oh, and that brings us to the latest of the sorcerers adventures and sleight of hand..."

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