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"Yesterday, as I explained in my column, I bounced out of bed, wide-eyed and bushy-tailed - ready for the tussle with Monday's events. Lots of coffee - high energy, amped, and all those other phrases. Today was the mirror opposite - and that's bad. You see, I often get a profound sense of tired just before big earthquakes. So, whether it's my 'monkey mind' doing a little extracurricular programming, or whether the major quakes (twin quakes) in the predictive linguistics are about upon us, ought to be known in 4-5 days - or less.

There were no 6.0+ quakes in the world earthquake list today when I looked, but the 'window' doesn't really start until tomorrow and then goes for about five days. Cliff of hopes we will 'get it wrong' but earthquakes is an area where predictive linguistics has shined in the past forecasts including that China quake back in May. Plus, I'm profoundly tired and many readers are reporting their ears ringing and other physical symptoms that may, or may not, accompany big (mega) quakes.

As a major thunderstorm rolled through East Texas about 2 AM, I found myself wondering how I would explain - after the event - how all this 'rickety time machine' stuff works? It's not like the technology directly senses the future. Rather, what it seems to do is 'tune in' to the future emotions of people as they see or hear of a major event in their a mega quake will be.

Seems that at some just-below-the-perception-threshold, people know bits and pieces of the future before it arrives. Major events that stand head & shoulders above the background noise (hurricanes/tornados/earthquakes) seem a little more clear because the everyday language shift associated with these kinds of 'outlier' events is pronounced (and predictive). It's also why the technology can't/doesn't work with 'hot issues'. You talk about a movie star or a public policy question like abortion rights, and it's nigh on to impossible to sort those kinds of things out because people are so emotionally charged over a long period of time - there's little 'change' in the archetypical language once some has adopted one position or another.

Earthquakes (and assorted other 'natural disasters') are different down at the mass consciousness level. With these, most folks when the event happens are just going about their day, doing their normal routine, picking up the kids, going to work, going hunting or fishing, night out with the know...just normal activities when WHAM along comes this big emotional impact.

That's the kind of thing that 'bleeds' or 'prints through' into what is then the past, but which is presently in our future. the more 'print through' into the past, the more pronounced the language shift among people who are mostly not even aware that they have changed at the kalapas kind of level as if to psycho-socially prepare for the event.

It you have read Carlos Castaneda's works, it's perhaps akin to a Nagual showing up and pointing out that your assemblage point (the place where you 'assemble' the reality around you) is changing in advance of a major event about to appear in your life. Yet as any hand Nagual (such as Don Juan Matus) might have pointed out, most people are so preoccupied by their first attention that they pay almost no mind to their second attention. That's the attention that lets people see reality much differently than first attention demands, and yet it's every bit as real, or more so. Here, have a mushroom.


Of course, you don't need mushrooms to get in touch with the future at some very gross level, although the recent uptick in Ayahuasca tourism suggests that a large number of humans are off exploring those new/old inner/outer frontiers of being. What the predictive linguistics work has done is provide a software work-around so the future can be perceived at some gross level, indirectly as it captures emotional reactions in our here & now as a future event slaps people's emotions about, hence we expect the 'twin quakes'.

So close in to an expected event like this, we watch, we wait, and we ponder.


So do readers, like this fellow in the UK:


Have you considered that one of your earthquakes may not be physical? I see from the BBC that Obama isn't British after all, and the court has thrown out the case against him. Now if I understand the system correctly the Electoral College actually meets on December 13th to ratify Obama's election,. What if they don't? Am I right in understanding that the delegates at the meeting are under no Legal obligation to vote the way the people voted? I'm sure I read that when GWB was elected and can remember thinking at the time that it was dangerous and could lead to huge problems. So could one of the earthquakes be a non ratification of Obama? Just a thought....

Also, as an additional comment on apocalypse TV, BBC have remade Survivors, where a virus wiped out 99% of all humans and the survivors (hence the name) try to survive. the original version was about 30 years ago, the new version looks like it's just being brought up to date, this time with the virus being deliberately leaked by someone in the British Establishment."

Yeah, we think about this kind of stuff all the time. Problem is that in modelspace, the values have been piling up in a corner of the model called Terra Entity. If it was an 'earthquake' from some kind of political event (like the Supreme Court decision) it would pop up in the entity USA-pop and wouldn't have the geographical descriptors attached to it. Or concepts like "dancing mountains."

OK, no point dancing around it. Here is an extract from last week's HalfPastHuman ALTA report. Please do not repost it, and any use requires a link both to and to OK?

"The data sets associated with [twin earthquakes] continues to grow. The newly supporting sets are within the aspect/attribute sets of [pulsating (motion)], and [rippling (ground)], and [motion (of) sound (in) ground]. This last is supported by aspect/attributes which suggest that it is related to [waves] of [propagation] within the [surface] of the [earth], as well as being a literal/actual reference to [sound (coming up from the) ground] during the [earthquake(s)]. Further support builds under [mountains] where the newly arrived aspect/attributes include [frail crust], and [broken (open) fertile plain]. Other aspect/attribute sets in the supporting chain include [seed(ed) valley] as being the [focus/nexus] of the [most damage], though note that this is not necessarily the epicenter of the earthquake energy.

The data sets in the deep supporting layers include [stripes] as in [tiger stripes] that are forecast to make a [visible appearance] {ed note: most likely after the earthquake}. We also have [vegetable fields] at many different levels of support indicating an agricultural area will be very central to the [visible] aftermath. Deeper into the detail aspect/attribute layers we have descriptors for [images/views] of [humans looking up] and [humans (with) dropped jaws] and [humans with [fixed/glazed stares].

Part of the data sets are now going to the [visible] problems which will result from the [earthquakes]. A very major problem is showing as an [agricultural area] being [so devastated] as to have [problems with production]. Both this last, and the [rebuilding] are indicated to be a [decade, 10/ten years] activity. Other issues include the [immediate needs (of) food] and [shelter] for the [affected humans]. Much of the supporting language is coming in support of the idea of [needing to feed] some large/significant numbers of people post-earthquake. This is shown as being caused by several factors including the [isolation] brought on by the [disruption/destruction] of the [roads]. Some of the detail layers show that many days later, perhaps even [weeks], there will be a [cadre] of [humans] and [animals?] which will [undertake daily walking] to [bring back supplies] to the [affected regions]. The data sets are presenting the idea that even [large amounts] of [helicopter] delivered [food/aid] will still [require/need] to be [hand carried] to get to the [isolated communities]. The local [systems] for everything from [health care] to [fuel delivery] will be [disrupted] for some time in excess of [3/three years] by the [alterations] in the [ground shapes] and [bridges failing]. The data sets are also indicating that [following] the [earthquakes] and the [dancing mountains], the region (and perhaps the whole of the planet) will have a period of [profound rest/quiet] relative to [earthquakes]. This [period of rest/quiescence] is apparently of an emotional significance as the [lack of activity] is indicated to cause its own level of [stress] in the populace of the planet. "

There's more in other ALTA reports, but since we're really, really close to the twin quake window, not point being secretive about this. We're planning to watch quake coverage through most of this weekend - and wondering who will be offering the recovery aid and concert for fund-raising that seems to follow big quakes, but I get we will have those answers next week. Cliff, meantime, is hoping like hell he's got it wrong. Not bloody likely, but we talked about his fishing trip yesterday."


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