Web Bot Project Predicting HUGE Natural Disaster for December 2008

December 7th, 2008

Maybe some of you have heard of The Web Bot Project, but for those of you who have not, it’s quite intriguing.

The Web Bot Project, developed in the late 1990’s, was created to assist in making stock market predictions.

The technology uses a system of spiders to crawl the Internet and search for keywords, much like a search engine does. When a keyword is located, the bot program takes a snapshot of the text preceding and following the keyword. This snapshot of text is sent to a central location where it is then filtered to define meaning.

The projects concept is aimed at tapping into the “collective unconscious” of the universe and it’s inhabitants. As well, there is an interesting time concept involved and an unusual concept of a “tipping point” regarding the past, current, and future times. It goes a lot deeper than viewing what those of us on the Internet are saying.

The webbot is predicting major earthquakes for the window around December 10-12 for a first major earthquake and then a couple of days later, perhaps as late at the 15th for a second large quake.

One of the first accurate predictions from the Web Bot program took place in June of 2001. The program predicted that a life-altering event would take place within the next 60-90 days. An occurrence of such proportion that it’s effects would be felt worldwide. The program based its prediction on “web chatter” and regrettably, the prediction proved accurate when the Twin Towers fell on 9/11/2001.

Throughout its short existence, the Web Bot has accurately predicted many other natural and man made disasters such as the 2001 anthrax attack on Washington DC, the East Coast power outage in 2003 and the earthquake which lead to the December 26 2004 tsunami. It is even credited with predicting hurricane Katrina and the devastating events that followed. In addition, the Web Bot has foretold of a global devastating event expected to take place in late December 2012.

Even more remarkable is a series of predictions made back in late 2006 about the coming events of late 2008 through mid 2009. Although these predictions may or may not pan out to be completely accurate, it is interesting to evaluate each one based on its own merit and relationship to the times in which we live. The following is a breakdown of these predictions.

- September 22-27 2008 are seen as precursor dates to a significant event expected to take place on October 7 2008.
Closely watch events during September 22 through 27 2008 for hints as to what to expect on October 7 2008. Although the predictions are not specific, the event is expected to be as significant as the events of 9/11.

- October 7 2008 to February 19 2008 will be filled with emotional intensity
The Web Bot has never picked up any event lasting this long. In comparison, the events of 9/11 lasted about 10 days. This event will be four months of high emotion.

- In October Global emotional release event begins – largely economic.
The rest of the world will begin to seriously question the stability and reliability of the U.S. dollar.

- Catastrophic collapse of the dollar is possible – as the language is active around that concept.
The Web Bot foresee consumer society confidence collapsing by mid November 2008. This could be a direct result of the recent government bailout and failure of several large financial institutions in the U.S. along with the devalued U.S. dollar and the increased cost of living.

- Global economic collapse possible in Fall 2008 cascading off the U.S. woes.
Think of the U.S. economy as a lit fuse that was lit over the early part of 2008. The rest of the world has no choice but to react to the declining U.S. dollar and the enormous amount of debt that the U.S. has accumulated and put upon itself.

- May be a global replay of what the 1932 bond crash in the Great Depression was.

- Tensions build in cities, encounters scarcity.
As the cost of food, fuel and other necessities of life continue to rise so does peoples level of stress. As the holidays approach, individuals find themselves taking extreme actions that they would have never considered in the past.

- The populace of the US impacted by a condition like posttraumatic stress. It will be something like “time shocked” or “time stunned”.
Just as you wrap you head around one big change or traumatic event, another will come along which will be bigger and harder to absorb.

- Mood of the population improves: People have a renewed sense of optimism that the corporate/elite can and will be replaced in the elections but the ‘us against them’ grows.
This appears to be directly related to the upcoming presidential elections. People will briefly experience a renewed optimism and confidence in the promises made by the new president, but the mood will quickly change when they realize that it is business as usual in Washington.

- Possibly early elections, or at least calls for that because of anger.
This seems to relate to Israel and the possibility of early presidential elections necessary to curtail the increased threats from Iran.

- In late 2008 the rest of the world’s currencies are ‘touched off’ by the dollar and U.S. decline.
The continuing instability of the U.S. economy and financial systems will prove to be a catalyst for global unrest and uncertainty.

- The Web Bot foresee a West Coast/Vancouver area large-scale earthquake around December 12, 2008.
Many have seen signs of this coming for quite some time. This may not be the “Big One”, but it will prove to be significant and very devastating to the area.

- There will be a 2009 winter/spring natural disaster, which caused people to become angry about government response.
With the dramatic increase in natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and more, the government’s inability to respond to the immediate needs of the people will prove to be devastating for many.

- The Web Bot foresee that the winter in the Northeast will be very cold, causing some schools to close, and then later to reopen as shelters for people who can’t heat their homes.
Language suggests that the shortages will be caused by a lack of supplies, cost of fuel, or both.

- Global Coastal Event likely in early to mid 2009
The Web Bot sees a permanent loss of low-lying territory globally and foresees that one continent in particular will get hit badly, but it does not say which one. Places to avoid: anything at sea level (Bangladesh/Florida/ etc).

It would appear that many of theses Web Bot predictions seem to focus on the economy both in the U.S. and around the world, and the underlying threat of these predictions is being felt right now. With the recent multi-billion dollar government bailout of many financial institutions, the U.S. has entered into an economic disaster that is sure to destabilize the financial future and wellbeing of many.

Earthquakes are an area of archetypes that are pretty darned clear in the language-shift work ie webbot. Not only did we pick up the Banda Aceh quake five months before-the-fact, but more recently, earlier this year, we had very good insight into the Chinese earthquake (7.8-8.1, depending on which source you cite).

And, when I say ‘good insight” I’m not kidding. Just go back at read some posts that were put up three days before that event by clicking here.

The ‘details’ on this kind of thing are always sketchy; sorry we can’t get down to the specific city. At the moment, however, it looks like at least one of the two quakes will be inside the band 32 to 36-degrees latitude and that one of the quakes will be noticed as having 5 pretty distinct/large aftershocks of some consequence.

Moreover, one of the quakes (the first?) will be associated with fertile plains where things are growing, while the second will be associated with “dancing mountains” although not sure (again, this is a new science) which of these will come first. Seems Pacific Ring of Fire, in one case, also.

One of the quakes will also be noted for causing “isolation” to the point that other countries will be sending aid - and it’s possible that the quake with the isolation could be U.S. centered.

There are several competing scenarios that seem to fall out of interpretation of modelspace. The main feature is that first one quake, then the other within a few days later. There’s also something of a hyperdimensional physics relationship. Such that wherever the first in antipodal fashion, but not necessarily antipodal in a strict plain/ball geometry kind of way; rather it seems to be the kind that advanced hyperdimensional physics would describe. Described as:”quake is, the second one will happen”

If you click over to a short explanation of Icosahedrons in geometry, look at the drawing, and picture sticking the round earth inside of it, it’s like the antipodal quake is likely to happen near one of the vertices nearest antipodal, but it may not be the precise singular antipode, it could be one of the other nearest it.

Now, some of the possibilities, just to give you a sense of how it could play out…

Could be something in North America, Hawaii, or Alaska for #1 (with a lesser chance of the Pacific Northwest) In this case, the antipode might be India/Pakistan. Less chance: Back to China for another big one.

Another possibility would be the first quake being in Indonesia, in which case antipodes of California, (or in the band Texas over to New Madrid’s southern reaches) Mexico, or Ecuador might fit.

Or, it might be something like Chile for one, then China. Or, it might be China first, then in one of the ‘Stans.

Sorry, until we get to within 3-days, the quakes are still in the ‘firming up’ in modelspace mode for now. Sometimes, once we get inside 3-days, things get much firmer, so please drop by around December 8-9-10, and let’s see if the resolution gets better.

However, we found it perhaps significant that the US Government’s FEMA folks are waning of a potentially catastrophic earthquake over a similar kind of range (!). Called the “NMSZ” - for New Madrid Seismic Zone” the timing, because of proximity to Cliff’s work, is a little worrisome to say the least. Here’s the FEMA press release out Thursday:

“Areas nearest NMSZ would experience widespread and catastrophic physical damage, negative social impacts and economic losses; states include Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) today released a report, Impact of Earthquakes on the Central USA, which presents the findings of a two-year study on the impact of a 7.7 magnitude earthquake on states in the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ). The study was conducted for FEMA by the Mid-America Earthquake (MAE) Center at the University of Illinois in partnership with the Central United States Earthquake Consortium (CUSEC), the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and George Washington University’s Institute for Crisis, Disaster and Risk Management.

The study, the first of its kind to be conducted on such a large scale, is part of FEMA’s NMSZ Catastrophic Earthquake Disaster Response Planning Initiative. It is primarily intended to provide scientific data upon which to base response and recovery planning for the devastating earthquakes that have long been predicted for the New Madrid region, which includes areas of Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee. The study is available for download at www.mae.ce.uiuc.edu, click on the second small screen on the left or wait for and click on the headline “New Comprehensive Report on Earthquakes in the Central USA.”

According to the study, areas within the NMSZ would experience widespread and catastrophic physical damage, negative social impacts, and economic losses. Three different earthquake events were considered, one for each segment of the New Madrid Fault - northeast, central and southwest. For example, an earthquake event that occurs in the southwestern part of the seismic zone would cause significant damage in northeast Arkansas, northwest Mississippi, western Tennessee and portions of western Kentucky, and is likely to cause damage to the greatest number of homes and affect the largest number of people. The study notes that the total economic impact of a series of NMSZ earthquakes is likely to constitute the highest economic losses due to a natural disaster in the United States.

The report provides state-specific information, including damage levels specific to building and occupancy type; essential facilities; highway bridges; electric power, potable water, waste water and communications facilities; and pipeline damage where appropriate. It also identifies the counties that could be expected to sustain the most damage in each state and provides information on potential interruptions of utility services and impacts on essential facilities, such as hospitals, schools, emergency operations centers, and police and fire stations.

The assessments provided in the study have been used to facilitate earthquake response operations planning sessions in 30 FEMA-supported workshops, conducted with the 747 counties and the eight states in the NMSZ. The workshops were designed to support the development of integrated state and local plans for response and recovery operations following a catastrophic earthquake. Participants included more than 3,800 representatives of federal, state, tribal, local and county emergency management and responder organizations, as well as the private sector.

We find it quite curious that while the linguistics have been pointing at the Dec 10-12 window for almost a year, that FEMA’s issuing impact studies.

Oh yeah: Two other items. Double-check your food/water plans so that you have at least a month of supplies. Apparently, wherever at least one of these things pops, there will be foreign aid - and even hints in the data that the area where the isolation is greatest seems to be inside the USA and that we (the US) will be receiving offers of aid from other countries.

The other thing to do is to read up on the so-called “Triangle of Life” debate. Click over to the “American Rescue Team International” web site and you can find out more about it. A little history of ARTI here - seeing as it was formed by Doug Copp in the aftermath of the Mexico City quake in 1985.

Since, linguistically anyway, something that big (or damaging) is in the cards for next month, a little review seems in order.

Not everyone agrees with the “triangle of life” including apparently the USGS which asserts on its site that:

Drop, cover, and hold under a table or desk is still the best recommendation, according to the American Red Cross.

Source: http://www.darkgovernment.com/news/web-bot-project-predicting-huge-natural-disaster-for-december/

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