Debating about an alien video

This post refers to the video below. I have seen it a long time ago and it really impressed me. I have done a lot of research on this particular video and found out through information here, here, here, here , and in many other places that it was CGI made by a brazilian CGI artist name Phillip Kling David.

I have been talking to a few readers here debating if the video is a fake or not, in respect to their beliefs that the video might be real. I have then contacted Phillipe myself yesterday, since I am fluent in Portuguese, and obtained a response today. I asked if he could send me some kind of proof that the video was really made by him, like a printscreen of the wireframe used to create the alien model, or any other image he could provide of the project. Below is his response, translated to English:

Hi Claudia. Since I made (invented) this "thing" a lot of people believe it is real, no matter how much I say otherwise, I cannot convince them. Unfortunately I can't show you the wireframes, since I made it a long time ago, and I don't have the"machine" (computer) I made them anymore. I know I still have the ET files in one of the hundreds of unlabeled CDS that I use for backup, now finding this would be just crazy....Hugs, sorry I couldn't help you."

I then asked that if later on he would find any piece of evidence saved somewhere, then he could send to 22050hz, and I would gladly post it. Let's then keep our fingers crossed.

So it is now up to you to dig for the truth yourself, as for me, this video remains a 'fake", even though it is a masterpiece of computer generated art. I would love to post it as the 'real thing" but will continue my search for the truth on the real stuff.

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