Truth amnesty for ET-related crimes & ET technologies long sought by activists, whistleblowers, ETs

March 7, 5:24 PM

U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) has moved forward with his truth and reconciliation commission to investigate abuses during the Bush-Cheney Administration, by extending these abuses in a public petition letter to include “the use of torture, warrantless wiretapping, extraordinary rendition, and executive override of laws”. By including the “executive override of law”, Leahy has potentially opened up in the scope of the truth and reconciliation to crimes against and abuses against the U.S. constitution by secret treaties between the executive branch of the U.S. government and specific extraterrestrial civilizations. Ironically, a truth and reconciliation commission on ET-treaty crimes and ET-derived technologies has been long sought after by exopolitical activists, whistleblowers, and if we are to believe long-time ET contactees like Jim Sparks, by the treaty-signing extraterrestrial civilizations themselves. Senator Leahy and his fellow members of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee may yet not be conscious of these ramifications because public discourse about extraterrestrials has been prohibited in the U.S. since the 1953 CIA Robertson Panel, which decreed that mainstream media coverage of extraterrestrials issue include ridicule and disparagement.

Truth & reconciliation is a microcosm of the extraterrestrial issue

Exopolitics is the science of relations between our human civilization and other intelligent civilizations in the universe, and the truth-reconciliation issue is a microcosm of exopolitical relations.

The truth amnesty issue raised by Sen. Leahy’s call has implications among extraterrestrial civilizations who have been under secret treaty with the U.S. government and who by some reports want disclosure; among whistleblowers who are trying to bring abuses and crimes as well as ET-derived technologies to the public and who need the legal amnesty of a truth and reconciliation committee to “go public” and testify; among exopolitical activists who are making public the results of their research in a way that does not make them legally liable; and among major media (for example Washington Post) reporters who are still following 1953 Robertson Panel rules, and attacking the exopolitical activists in order to keep ET-related crimes and abuses, and benefits of the ET-derived technology secret, discourage truth amnesty, and forestall a change away from petroleum and nuclear energy sources.

Exopolitical activists call for ET truth amnesty at National Press Club in 2007

This reporter was part a National Press Club (Washington, DC) press conference sponsored by the X-Conference in September 2007, which included a call for a truth & reconciliation commission regarding ET-related crimes and ET-derived technologies.

My statement at the press conference addressed the issues raised by Sen. Patrick Leahy’s call for a Bush Truth & Reconciliation Commission: “Truth-Amnesty Disclosure process is a promising avenue for Exopolitics because the embargo on the Extraterrestrial presence is based upon U.S. military-intelligence wanting to keep its top secret human-Extraterrestrial liaison programs sequestered from public scrutiny.”

“The motive of U.S. military-intelligence agencies has been to maintain a monopoly on advanced energy technology reportedly transferred and re-engineered for human use,” Webre said. “This advanced technology would virtually revolutionize the transport of people and goods on this planet, and would rejuvenate the biosphere.”

“As part of maintaining this secret sequestration, numerous constitutional and legal structures have been violated, and the constitutional decision-makers – the US President, the Congress, and the Courts as adjudicators, have been kept from knowledge of these secret liaison programs, as has the Fourth Estate – the Press - and our Scientific and Educational formal knowledge establishment,” Webre affirmed. “A well-funded U.S. military-intelligence disinformation campaign has been put into place to virtually destroy any knowledge about Universe society and advanced extraterrestrial sciences,” Webre said.

“Individual employees and officers within the national security state have over the course of six decades committed what would amount to a Tsunami of criminal acts under the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. criminal code against the U.S. government, the civilian population, and untold properties and enterprises”, Webre said. “I would argue that these acts rise to the level of war crimes under the Rome Statute of the International Court: Crimes Against Humanity; Aggressive War; Genocide; and War Crimes”, Webre stated. “That the acts were done in the course of a military-intelligence program of psychological warfare to protect secret human-Extraterrestrial liaison programs may or may not be a valid defense to criminal prosecution, depending on individual circumstances.”

“Disclosure must address this Gordian Knot – that individuals within the national security state who have knowledge of secret Extraterrestrial-human liaison programs, and of advanced energy technologies may want to disclose these, and cannot come forward for fear of criminal prosecution. Otherwise, we will continue to seek Disclosure as we have done in the past, with the same results, “ Webre stated.

Truth-amnesty & the forces for and against ET disclosure

There are powerful forces addressing ET truth-amnesty which now need to catalyze public support in the political system. These include the exopolitical activists, and members of the public who now beleive the government is hiding the ET presence (over 70%), extraterrestrial civilizations who are part of the secret treaties and want disclosure, whistleblowers who are waiting for legal amnesty to go public with their testimony of crimes and abuses, as well as the benefits of ET-derived technology. There are also retrograde forces in the mainstream media and in military-intelligence, who still follow the 1953 Robertson Panel rules and are determined to “spike” any initiative for ET-related truth amnesty.

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