Exopolitics World Network launches Facebook group

Exopolitical activist Steve Bassett
Exopolitics prime mover Steven Basset launched a Facebook group page for his Exopolitics World Network (EWN) during the International UFO Congress, which wrapped up last weekend in Laughlin, NV. The new group page represents a milestone for Disclosure 2.0 as the exopolitical community begins to grok Facebook.

The group was a instant hit, garnering members from England, South Africa, France no sooner than it appeared. Admins include luminaries from the Exopolitics community world wide such as Ross Hemsworth (England), Manuel Lamiroy (South Africa), Mike Bird (Toronto, ON) and Alfred Lambremont Webre (Vancouver, BC).

The plan is for the page to be the hub of a network of local activist networks, enabled by Web 2.0 technologies.

What will make it work is the participation of the same gadget & technology-enabled generation that elected Barack Obama. The next logical step would be for local subnets of the EWN to form. They could begin to encourage local political management -- mayors, city councilmen, state legislators and representatives to openly address the UFO issue as a valid political consideration.

If Disclosure 2.0 can remove the political stigma associated with discussing UFO public policy, it will go a long way towards changing the schizophrenic consensus consciousness. No politician wants to risk a credibility hit in the midst of global economic meltdown and in a bitterly partisan envronment.

But enough groundswell will make the matter politically acceptiable to for lawmakers and administrators to discuss -- that step alone might be the next small step that is a giant leap for mankind. Subtle, perhaps, but more important than disclosure itself, which, given the remarkable increase in sighting reports and overt ET presence is in some sense inevitable.

The question for Barak Obama is not whether or not to disclose, (admit, really) but how to manage the process.

While he ponders that conundrum, here is what you can do:

Q: Do you have a Facebook page?

If the answer is no, you are done here for now. Go get one and practice using it. Come back in a couple of weeks when you have a sense of the process.

If the answer is yes, proceed to the next question.

If the answer is "Who doesn't?' skip this part.

Q: Do you believe, like 72% of the public does, that the government is not telling the public everything it knows about UFO activity?

If the answer is no, you are done here for now. Go do a little homework. Investigate the issue and come to your own conclusions. Come back if you change your mind.

If the answer is yes, proceed to the next question.

Q: Do you believe Government secrecy has been abused and is the cause of a class schism between those who know and those who don't?

If the answer is no, you are done here for now. Go do a little homework. Ask your self if national security is a cover for the vested interests of those in power. Come back if you change your mind.

If the answer is yes, proceed to the next question.

Q: Do you believe the American public can handle the truth, in the immortal words of Col. Nathan Jessep?

If the answer is no, you are done here. Because you are the American Public and if you don't think it can handle the reality that human beings are not the most evolved creatures operating in our biosphere, then we're pretty much done. Go meditate on it for a while. See what happens. Humanity needs to get over itself so we can move on.

If the answer is yes, then there is only one more question you need to ask.

Q: Do you believe the new administration is serious about transparency, openness and disclosure?

You better, because they need to be held accountable to that one campaign promise if nothing else.

Either way, proceed:

Technoliterati To-Do list:

A) Join the Exopolitics World Network Group. Keep the content to noise ratio high. Use it the best way it can. Advise Basset and the admins on how that can best be done. Punch their ticket on the cluetrain.

B) Start your local area Exopolitics Network Group, cross link with EWN and build your local area network. Let's get some Groundswell going.

C) Join Meet-up and start doing some F2F with like minded folks in your area. Organize some trips down to city hall or your local congressman or Senator's office and let them know, calmly and thoughtfully, that peace, ET discosure, new energy sources, economic recovery and a stable population go hand in hand. Contribute the best ideas back to the EWN page so others can use them.

D) Figure out a great Facebook App for the exopolitics movement and send the idea to the Phoenix UFO Examiner. Better yet, implement that app and register it with EWN, so we can all use it and then tell me. I'll do a column on the best ideas.

What about a mashup of the user's representatives' voting records and public opinion on UFO's. With the proper Facebook App, Basset's Million Fax on Washington could be turbo charged. There is a good idea waiting to be had by someone here.

Don't bother trying to hack an app to send a copy of every Michael Salla Examiner column to Obama's Blackberry. It's the wider political spectrum we need to enlighten.

E) Post a link to this article on your blog and see how rapidly Disclosure 2.0 can build a massive group committed to take the new administration at their word. The administration, the media and the population need to accept change and open up public UFO policy to match the reality that every day, more and more obvious sightings are happening around the world.

Want change?

Make it so.

( PS- 22050hz is already there. Join today.)

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