Obama team covers up citizen extraterrestrial disclosure input on White House website

Alfred Webre
Seattle Exopolitics Examiner

March 4, 3:31 PM

The Obama transition team set up a special website at www.change.gov and requested public input regarding priorities for Obama administration policies. Although extraterrestrial disclosure ranked as one of the highest single public priorities, there is no public reference on the Obama White House website to extraterrestrial disclosure, in violation of the Obama transition team’s public rules of engagement. The www.change.gov website has been discontinued, and researchers are referred to www.whitehouse.gov for information on citizen input into Obama administration public policies.

The extraterrestrial coverup and the 1953 CIA Robertson Panel

The issue of the extraterrestrial presence on earth has been the subject of a sustained cover-up by the U.S. government, codified in official government policy since the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency's Robertson panel of 1953 decreed that media professionals had to ridicule issues dealing with extraterrestrials at the expense of being fired. Citizens who reported extraterrestrial contact were to be harrassed and stigmatized, according to the policies of the Robertson Panel.

Robertson Panel policies were still in force following the sighting of a 524 to 1048 foot space craft over Stephenville, Texas on January 8, 2008. Reporter Angelia Joiner was reportedly harassed by superiors and fired from her position at the Stephenville Empire Tribune. Likewise, civilian witnesses of the spacecraft, were reportedly harassed by telephone calls and helicopters. The spacecraft that overflew Stephenville, TX on January 8, 2008 went on to overly the then Texas White House unopposed, according to a radar report released by the FAA.

Despite citizen input into the Obama transition team showing that extraterrestrial disclosure was a high priority, the Obama White House has apparently chosen to continue the anti-extraterrestrial policies decreed by the 1953 Robertson Panel

Outer space issues negligible on the White House website

With regard to outer space issues, the only substantive mention on the White House website of outer space issues is in regard to military policy, and a relative continuation of militaristic policies regarding the weaponization of space.

Obama administration agenda on space weaponization (From the White House website)

"* National Missile Defense: The Obama-Biden Administration will support missile defense, but ensure that it is developed in a way that is pragmatic and cost-effective; and, most importantly, does not divert resources from other national security priorities until we are positive the technology will protect the American public.
"* Ensure Freedom of Space: The Obama-Biden Administration will restore American leadership on space issues, seeking a worldwide ban on weapons that interfere with military and commercial satellites. They will thoroughly assess possible threats to U.S. space assets and the best options, military and diplomatic, for countering them, establishing contingency plans to ensure that U.S. forces can maintain or duplicate access to information from space assets and accelerating programs to harden U.S. satellites against attack."

Source: http://www.whitehouse.gov/agenda/defense/

This approach continues the weaponization of space. The Obama administration has taken no steps to address space-based weapons of mass destruction such as HAARP, an electromagnetic weapons system whose space-based component weaponizes the ionosphere. There is solid research showing that HAARP is a weapons system responsible for tectonic warfare and weather warfare, including triggering the May 3, 2008 cyclone in Myanmar which killed up to 150,000 persons, and the May 12, 2008 earthquake in China which killed up to 80,000 persons. Skeptics of this information are welcome to listen to a 7 part radio series on HAARP by independent scientist Leuren Moret. The Space Preservation Treaty bans space-based weapons systems like HAARP which weaponize natural systems like the ionosphere.

Obama White House obeys 1953 CIA ban on extraterrestrial disclosure

The entire citizen effort at input into White House policy that took place during the Obama transition period with regard to extraterrestrial disclosure has for functional purposes been disregarded and covered up, as evidenced by the public policy agenda laid out on the Obama White House website. The 1953 Robertson Panel policy is continuing in force, and there is no immediate change in U.S. policy towards extraterrestrial disclosure.

Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner Dr. Michael Salla has provided insights into the valuable potential for release of anti-gravitic technology by centralization of energy issues under the Obama's Administration's National Security Council. The release of anti-gravitic technology into the civilian market place will begin to erode the monopoly of petroleum and nuclear power, which now provide 90% of energy needs.If the National Security Council chooses to continue the 1953 Robertson Panel policy of banning the extraterrestrial public policy issue (as the White House website has already done), then the centralization of energy and other issues in the National Security Council is not a good development for extraterrestrial disclosure, whatever its impact on energy policy might be.

The cover-up of important civilian input in the transition phase of Obama administration priorities does not bode well for overturning the pernicious mandate of the CIA 1953 Robertson Panel. By continuing the cover-up at the White House level of the issue of the extraterrestrial presence as a legitimate subject of discourse, the Obama administration has sent a powerful signal to the war economy that it will continue the policy of an extraterrestrial embargo, support the information war against ethical extraterrestrials, and support the planned colonization of inhabited planets such as Mars.

Source: Seattle Exopolitics Examiner

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