A Ufology Blogs Tribute to Angelia Joiner.

Webe would like to pay tribute to a brave lady, for refusing to turn her back on the Stephenville witnesses, disregarding the potential cost to her journalistic career, and for resisting pressure to shelve the story.

Furthermore we recognise how important her role has been in keeping this story alive and in the public eye where it belongs. Thank you Angelia, on behalf of the Webe team.

Angelia Joiner, uncovered what is today considered by many, one of the most puzzling UFO events in North American History. Pilots, Police Officers, and local citizens were among her eye witnesses, of which each of these witnesses attest to have seen the massive, solid rectangular unidentified craft, which was hundreds of metres in length, moving silently 270 metres above them.

The Stephenville Empire Tribune, first covered the story, creating International repercussions, and shortly thereafter ceased all coverage. Ms. Joiner's less than ceremonious departure from the Stephenville Empire Tribune portrays how, and possibly why mainstream journalists are pressured to play-down UFO events of high significance.

In the following interview on The Veritas Show, Mel Fabregas the host, interviews Angelia Joiner, to tell her story about the events that took place, back in January 2008. And about her departure from The Stephenville Empire Tribune.

Running Time : Approx 40 mins

We would also like to thank Mel Fabregas, for his kind permission that allowed us to produce this video.

All the very best to Angelia and Mel,
from The Webe Team.

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