Xcon 2005 - David Sereda – NASA's Dilemma Caught on Tape - UFOs Aliens

David Sereda discusses his personal UFO sighting in Berkley, CA in 1967, “When you see video and photographs, from the perspective of having seen a UFO with your own eyes, eyes that never lie, the photographs remind you of the truth that this is all real. But for the person who has never seen one with their eyes, they think perhaps this is all some kind of trickery.”

Always following the Astronauts on every Apollo mission, David Sereda grew up with the love of spaceflight. He has particularly followed closely the career of Astronaut Gordon Cooper, the legend with the "right stuff" who also happens to be the most outspoken on the matter of extraterrestrial-related phenomena. As far as Sereda is concerned, if Gordon Cooper says it's real, you can take that to the bank. In 1994, Martyn Stubbs, the Canadian UFO researcher, who archived hundreds of hours of live NASA missions, approached David to conduct a scientific investigation into anomalies with NASA video footage. He spent 6 years in private discussions with top NASA officials and scientists about these anomalies. In 2002, he released a book and 3-hour documentary film, Evidence, the Case for NASA UFOs (video below) .

He will discuss the significance of UFO technology, the quest for a supraluminal propulsion system and becoming free of the bonds of planet earth! He will also talk about his upcoming documentary to be released by Lions Gate Films, Dan Aykroyd, Unplugged on UFOs.

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