Why aren’t UFOs taken seriously?

Chris Steele
Denver Progressive Examiner
May 27, 12:12 PM

Diorama at the UFO Museum in Roswell, NM courtest of C. Castaneda

This past weekend I was in Roswell, New Mexico and times have changed. 62 two years ago the crash in Roswell was released publicly and everyone in the town was discussing this shocking incident. Today after much disinformation everyone laughs at UFOs and think of extraterrestrials as another Trekkie Star Wars spoof. There are over hundreds of millions of cases of reported UFO and extraterrestrial sightings. Past civilizations hold compelling evidence of existence of extraterrestrials and UFOs. Greek gods, Native American stories of star people, flying crafts seen in paintings during the renaissance, the Nazca lines in Peru and cave paintings of alien visitors all provide convincing arguments that we are not alone. Governments have admitted to research and documentation of UFOs. Even the Vatican has come out publicly and said that it is okay to believe in aliens. In a recent AOL news poll it was recorded that 93% believe that life exists elsewhere in the universe. It was also documented that 81% think that Earth has been visited by extraterrestrials. Ronald Reagan’s briefing on UFOs admits that Roswell did happen and that the government has been hiding evidence of extraterrestrials for 60 plus years.
On July 4, 1947 Mac Brazel heard a loud crash on the Foster Ranch 75 miles NW of Roswell, NM. Glen Dennis a mortician at the Ballard funeral home received a call from the Roswell Army Airfield asking if he had any child-size caskets in stock. He also received calls from the RAAF asking how to preserve bodies that had been exposed to the weather. According to the Roswell Incident Timeline, “Glenn Dennis took an airman who had been riding on a motorcycle and hit a cattle truck to the base hospital and saw strange stuff in the back of ambulances. Glenn went into the hospital and saw his nurse friend who said to get out of there immediately. He was escorted out of there by the military, with threats to his life.”
Some of the UFO crash debris was taken to Gen. Ramey, which was spread out on the floor of his office. When the media for the photo shoot had arrived the debris had been replaced with weather balloon material. The military held Mac Brazel from July 9 to July 12. It is believed that he was held so the military could persuade him to change his story to a weather balloon. Glenn Dennis made an appointment with the nurse who saw the aliens and she drew a picture of big eyed aliens on an examining table with four fingers. The next day she was transferred to England and declared dead soon after that by the military.
Many credible witnesses and whistleblowers have come forward such as NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Mitchell disclosed information saying there has been a 60 year cover-up on the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrials and that Earth has been visited before. Witnesses range from children to blue collar workers to teachers to physicists.
Some advantages of information being released to the public would be the possible increase of technology. Whistleblowers have come forward saying they have worked on projects that successfully back-engineered UFO technology. If this type of technology was released, free energy and alternative energy could be quite feasible. If information was released possibly cures for terminal illnesses could also be discovered.
At the UFO museum in Roswell, New Mexico there is a document titled Why cover-up the mountain of UFO data? It is claimed to be from the TOP SECRET/MAJIC documents that was for an elite group of people in the U.S. government called the Majestic- 12. According to the document UFOs are being covered up for these six reasons:
1. “…mass produce the … new technology revealed by the wreckage of the flying discs … Rule 1 for security is that you can’t tell your friends anything without also telling your enemies. Opening the files would give competitors access to the new technology.”
2. “…constant worry would be penetration of the research work by enemy spies and fear that they might discover the mode of propulsion or other new weapons technologies based on their own crashed saucer recoveries before we did… We don’t want them to know we know they know.”
3. “If the public learned that other intelligent life was actually coming to our planet, many of our social institutions would be disrupted…Perhaps most important from a political viewpoint, younger members of society, especially those who grew up with the space program, would push for a new view of ourselves. Instead of thinking…Americans, Canadians, Peruvians, French or Chinese, they would start to think of themselves as earthlings…As idyllic as this sounds, I know of no government that wants its citizens to owe their primary allegiance to the planet instead of to the nation…The biggest fear of anybody in power… is losing that power…National governments do not want their subjects to have a planet wide orientation.”
4. “…religious groups would be…disturbed by any announcement that humans are not alone, even though this is presumed to be true by many Eastern religions…others might have a problem with the theological implications of extraterrestrial life…any advance civilization would investigate biology as well as the physical sciences…understanding genetics…aging…controlling disease…suggestion that their members would live proportionately much longer than earthlings…Religion is a major influence on the lives and behavior of hundreds of millions of earthlings…You can’t just take away an article of faith without replacing it with something else.”
5. “There might well be economic discombobulation brought about by even the mildest announcement of the most peaceful of alien visitations…[could] soon be new methods of energy production, ground transport, air transport, communications, medicine, computers,…but which of the old buggy whip manufacturers would build the new systems and which would fade into oblivion? Uncertainty is the enemy of the stock market.”
6. “The government may know things about the aliens that are truly terrible…very-high-level security clearances and access to such…secrets may well believe that since they know more than the public does, they must make the choices for us ignorant beings…”
Another Majestic document at the UFO museum in Roswell spoke about press blackout. The document spoke about how to manipulate the press in order to suppress UFO information. The first tactic it suggested was official denial. The second tactic was to discredit any witnesses to the event or circumstance. The last tactic the document suggested was to create deceptive statements such as the sighting was a meteor shower or that a weather balloon was mistaken for a UFO.
There is no way of telling if these TOP SECRET/MAJIC documents are authentic but many government officials have verified it is true and that the Majestic- 12 Group did exist. Nuclear physicist and lecturer Stanton Friedman stands behind these documents 100%.
San Luis Valley in Colorado is known for its bizarre history and present. Many locals have reported strange lights, UFOs, extraterrestrial encounters and have even been confronted by the infamous M.I.B. agents. The 21st annual UFO camping trip in San Luis Valley will be from August 21-23. Where there is smoke there is fire and with all the smoke that surrounds the UFO topic there seems to be more fire than mirrors. With all the evidence and witnesses to UFO encounters why aren’t UFOs taken seriously?

Maybe it is because no one has superb footage of UFOs, or maybe it is the possibility that information is suppressed by the media. It could even be that there is good footage but no one believes that it is real because it can easily be debunked. It is said that when Christopher Columbus landed on the shore the natives were not able to see his ships because it was something so foreign they weren’t able to conceive it. Only time will tell but one thing is for sure if Colorado and the rest of the United States wants to push for the truth it needs to start in the community. Jeff Peckman’s extraterrestrial affairs commission is one of many steps toward taking the topic of UFOs and extraterrestrials to the front door of our government. President Obama obviously did not release the UFO ‘X-files’ in his first 100 days so it will be interesting to see what unfolds during the rest of his presidency.

Roswell UFO Museum
Photos taken at the Roswell UFO Museum in New Mexico. Photos courtesy of Christina Castaneda.

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