UFO Hunters - let's take it to a fourth season

Roger Marsh

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UFO Hunters is one of the best television series ever to cover ufology - but we stand at a crossroads. Will the History Channel pick up the show for its fourth season?

Apparently there is a hesitation from the folks at the History Channel. But here is something all of you readers can and must do. Sign the petition.

First - we confirmed the situation with host Bill Birnes.

"The network is taking a close look at how popular UFO Hunters is before making any decisions about giving it a fourth season," Birnes said late Saturday night. "What the network doesn't add to the equation is the passion with which members of the UFO community believe that the government is holding onto and covering up a big secret.

"I want UFO Hunters to show what that secret is and expose the cover-up. For that reason we need another season to move the mark closer to the truth. The petition will show the network that we mean business."

The petition is a simple online form that each of every one of you can complete in a matter of a few seconds. It's easy. It's simple. And your combined signatures - together with those coming in from other sources - could save this show.

I have never missed an episode, although I admit that my working hours typically overlap with the live show - so I use my DVR machine to tape each episode and I watch it when it's more convenient. I have been watching UFO documentaries and television series for as long as I can remember, and I have never enjoyed a series as much as this show.

Image: From Season One, Episode 1, The UFO Before Roswell. UFO Hunters photo.

Host Bill Birnes seems genuine, and wanting to get to the bottom of the mystery - he's always out there pushing. Pat Uskert is a great flip side of the coin to Bill. But if I ever meet this guy - I have to ask the obvious question - why do you always have to be the one to do those daring things on the show? He's the guy who goes down into the dark, murky well; into the possibly bat-infested cave; and the shark-infested waters. On just one show, I want to hear him say, "Why me? Maybe Bill should go this time."

All kidding aside, the show's style is exceptional - with all of those graphics - and the pace is consistent with the hunt. I have interacted with the show's producers, mainly helping to ask UFO witnesses to consider giving testimony on the show.

And if you don't know this already, funding for anything in the UFO field is very narrow. The field has the manpower and the technology to at least get us closer to the answer.

Image: From Season One, Episode 12, Code Red. UFO Hunters photo.

We need shows like the UFO Hunters to be out there, with funding, poking around. Last year, we lost UFOs over Earth. We cannot lose this show.

We know beyond a doubt that there are unknown craft visiting our airspace. We just don't know who they are or where they are coming from. There is much speculation: beings coming physically from another planet (maybe getting here through a worm hole), inter-dimensional beings, or fallen angels. We don't know. We only know that they are here.

The U.S. government is studying UFOs and they are keeping track. But we all know they do not admit to this, well, not since Project Bluebook days. We have hundreds of UFO sightings now where military aircraft are on the scene and following them. The government just chooses not to publically admit. My guess - they're just as much in the dark as we are and they do not want to admit that.

I write about UFOs almost daily, and report from the front lines - what people say they witnessed. The cases I write about are mostly uninvestigated. I have promised to keep my readers up-to-date on what is being reported on a daily basis across the country - and will follow-up when case investigations have been closed. On most days, there are a dozen new reports coming into the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness database. They range from seeing bright objects doing incredible things from a distance, to UFOs moving close to ground level.

UFO Hunters has the ability and the funding to get to the site of interesting cases and theories - and explore them with the audience. It's an opportunity that few people get to be involved in, and I think, an important arm of ufology in this country. Saving this show is also about keeping the study of UFOs going in a better and more meaningful and open direction.

Image: From Season One, Episode 5, Abductions. UFO Hunters photo.

For those of you who have had a UFO sighting, I know you will work with us on this petition and sign. For those of you who have never had a UFO sighting, I urge you to sign the petition too. The stories are out there - it's day-to-day evidence, every day. We have to know more about these crafts and where they are coming from.

My own interest began when I had a sighting - where the UFO, a disc-shaped and brightly lit object - was visible at the tree top level. The same object returned two more times that night - at a higher altitude - and in both of those cases, was followed by two military air craft and two light planes.

Let's show our support to this show - and start signing now. Thank you Bill Birnes and company.

For more info: Review the UFO Hunters web site, and sign the petition.

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