Bizarre UFO sightings in California for July 13th 2009

Sacramento UFO Examiner
Author: Gregory Brewer
Gregory Brewer is an Examiner from Sacramento. You can see Gregory's articles on Gregory's Home Page.

As UFO sightings increase around the world the term "hot spot" has become more popular and relevant as well. The images in this article were taken by UFO enthusiasts in the small town of Penn Valley, ca. on July 13th 2009. The Sacramento UFO Examiner has presented these exclusive photos to our readers as bizarre and entertaining to say the least. We were there to observe the rapid shooting of over 280 photos taken and verified that all the images were shot from the same location at rapid intervals. The images were snapped at a time when no stars were visible to the naked eye, yet just at the right moment these images of bizarre flying objects were caught on film. The objects were there one moment and gone the next. The one image in particular that raises the hair on the back of our necks is the photo of what appears to be a fleet of something unidentified.

The human race is no doubt experiencing a climactic event of some kind as ordinary people like you continue to take photos like these. What will this event be and when? Many feel the answer is right around the corner as we do.

Are UFOs like these actually piloted craft or are they something else. As mentioned in earlier articles, we have touched on the possibility that some people either have a magnetism for UFOs or can see them when others can not.
We decided to conduct a little research on the issue. We started by contacting a few local optometrists asking them the a golden question. Are there people out there that can see objects which others can not. Though the answer varied, we feel the answer was yes. Some do see various wavelengths in light spectrums that others do not. Does that mean that they can see craft piloted by another? It may or it may not. Never the less there is something going on in our skies which seems to be increasing.
The next bit of research that we conducted was on line and found many interpretations of why some people see UFOs and some do not. Some sites explain UFOs as demonic manifestations and others believe that UFOs are a product of ones desires or possibly attributed to deep spiritual awareness. Other possibilities are those attributed to space debris, shuttles, space stations or satellites. We found that NASA has a site that you can go to right now and see just how many of these objects are being tracked in space. We certainly are not going to discredit any of these hypothesis, however, the sighting and filming of controlled objects is without a doubt on the rise and more people are becoming involved, even if they don't want to. That includes having direct contact and experience with other beings. Many of our readers who email the Sacramento UFO Examiner tell us that they want nothing to do with it and wish it to stop. It's not a game or ploy for riches or fame. Governments around the world are fully aware of what is occurring as well. We thought we would include a few supporting links from the Paradigm Research Group for you readers out there interested current political efforts to alleviate the truth embargo.

Fax on Washington:
Rockefeller Initiative:
Bill Richardson:
John Podesta:
Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell:
Mercury Astronaut Gordon Cooper:
Hillary Clinton Documents:
Courtesy of the
Paradigm Research Group
4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814 202-215-8344

Attend the next UFO conference in your area and stay a while to interact with the speakers to profile them as we did. Talk with some of the guests profiling them as well. You may find what you seek as we did. The truth is what is needed. Are you not tired of not knowing?

The following video touches on Invisible UFOs.

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The Sacramento UFO Examiner

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