Washington MUFON chief investigator launches new UFO study web site

James Clarkson's UFO investigation web site was recently launched.

Washington State Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Chief Investigator James E. Clarkson has taken his work to the Internet - and established his own web site.

The Olympia-based investigator launched his web site earlier this month. A former police sergeant, he continues to work a fulltime job for a state agency as an investigator - and is putting the pieces together for a future that connects his UFO investigation work worldwide.

"The website is part of the plan to promote myself as a presenter in the field of Ufology," he said. "I have been in MUFON since 1986."

Clarkson keeps busy in his off hours making UFO presentations. "The Timberland Regional Library System has about two dozen branches in SW Washington. I have presented at just about every one of them, some of them several times." The UFO presentations, we hear, are their most popular evening events. He has also presented at the UFO Museum at Roswell, several local colleges, and last year at the Crash Retrieval Conference in Las Vegas.

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