A dozen silent UFOs cross Ohio skies

July 23, 12:39 AM

Witness photo from Oregon case on July 22. MUFON database.

The UFO Traffic Report for Wednesday, July 22, 2009, includes 10 selected sightings over 8 states, according to witness statements filed in the past 48 hours with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

Please keep in mind that most UFO reports can be explained as something natural or manmade. If MUFON investigates and reports back on any of these cases, I will update this page. The following reports and their headlines are unedited. You can read my selected cases by type of UFO report at the UFO Traffic Report index page.

OH, July 19, 2009 - 12 total "starlike" moving objects very high in sky, some fading/disappearing, some getting much brighter at times. MUFON Case # 18223.

Four Ohio witnesses report seeing "12 objects that appear to be moving stars from one horizon to another." The silent objects were seen fading and then illuminating again. And one common report I have been reading the past few months, as these witnesses say - "I've been watching the sky my whole life and I can now see these objects seemingly at will the last few months." It may be that our communications are simply better now - with web access - but there are many similar reports that people are reporting anomalous objects from the same location or region over time now.

OR, July 22, 2009 - A small obgect, possibly disc or oval shaped, flashing diffrent colors, moved around slightly. MUFON Case # 18228.

This Oregon witness noticed, among the stars, a "flashing object" that was bigger than a star. The witness photographed the object for 40 minutes as "it moved about the area over the building out my window." It first moved diagonally towards the ground, then moved up toward the east and eventually moved out of view.

MI, July 11, 2009 - Silver boomerang shaped one bright light a the point of bomerang light dies down and object shor though the sky. MUFON Case # 18232.

A Michigan witness grilling and having a late dinner outside noticed a light too bright to be a star and too large to be a helicopter. The witness estimates that the object was just 500 feet in the air. But then the light went out and was replaced with a dimmer green light. It then moved across the sky "extremely faster than anything I have ever seen."

MI, July 19, 2009 - Looked like very bright shooting star, then dropped straight down, got really really bright, then changed back to original direction. MUFON Case # 18231.

Four Michigan witnesses at Camp Grayling watched what they first thought was a shooting star in the sky. "The light was solid, not blinking. There was no engine noise. No sonic boom. No noise at all. The light was initially traveling along the horizon in the East sky heading North. It dropped 90 degrees, and got very bright. It appeared to be headed right for us." The object seemed to change course, but then moved back to its original course. Just a few minutes later, the object came back from the west heading east-north-east. It was just as bright, but now was moving slower. "It appeared to be wobbling slightly side to side."

CA, July 21, 2009 - UFO sighting in Julian CA - outside san diego. MUFON Case # 18233.

This report is typical of so many - the reported object looks like any other star - except that it's moving across the sky at a high rate of speed. Two witnesses in Julian watched the object for 2 to 3 minutes. They're interested in hearing from anyone else in their area who might of seen it, or if anyone is aware of UFO sightings in their area in general.

CO, July 21, 2009 - Oval shape in sky discovered in pic NW of Ft Collins. MUFON Report # 18240.

A Colorado witness out taking scenery photos northwest of Ft. Collins and just west of Belvue noticed an anomaly in the image once it was on the computer.

Photo: Cropped and enlarged witness image. MUFON database.

The photographer said he "zoomed in and noticed a black oval." He's dismissed it as being either a bird or a plane - and I'm afraid the blow-up version here may not help solve the case - but readers - voice your opinion.

CO, July 21, 2009 - Sitting at stoplight taking photos of a Fire Truck, I took four photos each from 2-7 seconds apart and the object appears in the last photo. MUFON Report # 18229.

Another case of - I took a photo and later saw this anomaly - from Louisville, Colorado, also on July 21. (Isn't there an Italian restauant there - the Blue Parrot?) This witness takes 7,000 photos in a week - out his sun roof while driving. (Kids - don't try this at home.)

MA, July 15, 2009 - Two blue lights traveling northwest along the water at Sagamore beach. Spotted from the beach at about 100 yds away over the water (perhaps 1 light +its reflection?). MUFON Report # 18238.

A Massachusetts father and son at Sagamore Beach need your help explaining two blue lights they saw that "seemed to dance on the water from right to left." There was no noise coming from the light - which they estimate at 200 yards away. They were 100 yards away from the water. They include some calculations in their report that suggest the object may have moved 346 yards in 8 seconds, which they say translates to 88 mph.

KS, July 21, 2009 - 2 objects, one Boomerang zipp upwards, massive hang glider type craft very high. MUFON Case # 18226.

Two Manhattan, Kansas, witnesses were watching a light in the sky that seemed to be getting bigger. While trying to keep that object in view, "a greenish boomerang looking light zipped extremely fast away from me" that seemed to be between 3,000 and 4,000 feet in the air. They then noticed a star that was "flickering like crazy." They described it as "a massive hang glider looking thing that looked like it was at an extremely high altitude."

IL, July 18, 2009 - looked like fire melting out of a paper bag. MUFON Case # 18220.

Several Illinois witnesses watched a "white dot" moving across the sky "that changed into a glowing bag...like a luminaire thing but with fire melting off of it." The silent object soon disappeared.

Photo: Cropped witness photo. MUFON database.

For more info: Visit MUFON on the web - the Center for UFO Studies - and InCahoots.TV.

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Author: Roger Marsh
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