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Today’s article features the next set of escalating images from D. Clark and our attempt to utilize his techniques for ourselves,
Clark video
In other news ATS presents an article featuring UFO images taken by an astronaut during a space walk.See it here.

D. Clark, at the rate of 1000 photos per day, finds UFOs 24/7. This has not only been the claim from Mr. Clark who continues to send us escalating images of unidentified flying objects but has shared with the Sacramento UFO Examiner a few techniques regarding what we call “The Clark Effect”.
We in turn have put these techniques into effect and have without a doubt revealed credibility to his claims. In addition to D. Clarks 3rd set of images which are presenting in this article we have decided to present a very small portion of the images we took from just the last few days of photographing strange objects in the skies and have accompanied the following explanation for what you will see.

1). The video collection of images were taken in segments of 6 photos per set using high speed continuous rapid fire capture at the rate of 3 photos per second. Each press on the shutter button lasts for approximately 2 seconds. We snapped a number of sets containing birds flying across
Lake Wildwood in Penn Valley, ca. to illustrate how much distance birds can travel between photo frames. As you will see the distance traveled by the birds does not seem to exceed a few feet at a time. Additionally, no matter how you zoom or pull away from the birds you can still see that
they are birds. The next set of images were shot repeating the very same process.
In the next set of photos we asked a couple of kids to join in while flapping their arms in order to display reference as to how fast each frame was taken and as you can see an object that is clearly not a bird and has seemingly covered an area across the lake, heading slightly towards our
direction, approximately ¼ mile or more in distance in only two of the frames taken which is equivalent to less then 1 second of time. The object isalso smaller in the first image and larger in the second image adding credibility to the direction traveled. Very fast, what ever it was.

2). The next set of images is limited to two shots but reveals a similar anomaly. One moment nothing other then scenery was photographed and the next moment revealed many objects that seem to stretch out in distance as we zoomed in.

3). The final images are again from the same area and time at the lake. The first image is limited to scenery and the second has an object that appears to be at the other end of the lake.

Note this. During the 15 minutes that we photographed at the lake not one conventionally know aircraft was in the area. No planes, No helicopters and no commercial airlines. It was too early for stars to be out while we were there. We had 6 witnesses to verify the conditions which we have specified.

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D. Clark was not kidding, this is no joke. If you want to try this yourself and need a hand, email us. The contact is at the bottom of this article.

As always, we want say that the information we have provided is speculative and remains interpretive for each individual.

Author: Gregory Brewer
Gregory Brewer is an Examiner from Sacramento. You can see Gregory's articles on Gregory's Home Page.

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