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Grace Robinson

A woman was left awestruck after a "UFO" flew over her house.

Grace Robinson, 50, of Wheelers Way, Little Eversden, contacted the News to ask if anyone else had seen the blindingly bright white light that flew over her home on July 2 at about 11.20pm.

Mrs Robinson said: "I have a lung condition and haven't been out of the house much recently, but I'd just stepped out into the front garden for a bit of peace and quiet when this light suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"I did think about going and grabbing my phone to get some pictures, but I didn't want to leave as I genuinely thought I was seeing a plane disaster in action.

"But it was when it went over the roof of my bungalow I realised it wasn't trailing flames in any way - it was just a bright white light silently moving across the sky, but at the speed you would expect an aircraft to move at.

"I had no idea whatsoever of what it could be and I'm really curious now.

"I know it was that time because a friend was supposed to be joining me and once I'd seen it I rang her, because I needed to tell somebody.

"I tell you, my heart sank because I honestly thought I was going to be a witness to an air disaster.

"All I could see was that it was white and the only way I can describe it was seeing something, like on a film, going through the atmosphere and burning up. There was no sound, no tail on it, nothing. I was awestruck and I never believed in UFOs but now I am not so sure."

Brian Lister, chairman of the Cambridge Astronomical Association, says he very much doubts it was a UFO.

He said: "It is possible she saw the International Space Station with light reflecting off it. It was a clear night on Thursday and it is often possible to see it and it is much brighter than the stars.

"Another possible explanation is an iridium flare from a satellite which again is all to do with light reflecting off antennae on satellites creating a very bright flash of light.

"The third possibility is an earthquake light - especially as there was an earthquake in the North Sea that night - where quartz in the ground reflects light which can range in colour from blue to orange."

Source: Cambridge News

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