UFOs tracked across Pennsylvania on July 4 holiday

Author: Roger Marsh on Examiner.com

Pennsylvania map shows sighting sites. PA MUFON image.

The July 4 celebrations over Pennsylvania brought thousands of people outside looking skyward, and multiple cases of UFO sightings, according to witness testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

State MUFON Director John Ventre is reporting that his teams are investigating five possibly related sightings, primarily on the eastern end of the state.

Celebration of July 4th is possibly the most popular holiday to draw people out of their homes to look skyward at the thousands of fireworks displays produced by professional groups and individuals or at family gatherings. Like the UFO reports from April Fool's Day, ufologists look more cautiously at sightings that occur on a night when the skies are filled with manmade lights designed to entertain.

Reports from nine additional states claim orange or red objects, or multiple objects, in the skies that moved in a controlled or intelligent manner.

Ventre said witnessses are being interviewed now in the following five cases.

Case # 1: At 10:30 p.m. on July 4, a witness in Hanover Township, Luzerne County, reported an orange glowing light coming toward him. The silent object made several turns in the sky before moving away. A second object was spotted followed the same path. Now armed with binoculars, a third object was seen rising in the east that quickly moved away and out of sight. A fourth object then came into view from the north. This case is under investigation by Pennsylvania MUFON's Mark Zmigrodski.

PA, July 4, 2009 - orange glowing brighter at bottom, not unlike illuminated hot air bal.

Looking notheast up valley at fireworks saw light coming orange. Thought to be an airplane. heard no sound. object continued south, turned east. Next object came a few min. later [ 10? ] same path. followed by another in distance. ran in house for binoculars. sited and focused on third object. it rose in altitude east, and accelerated in speed out of site. Fourth object came over mtn. in north, heading southeast. Got good look at this as it came closer. Than object increased in altitude, and traveled southwest i'm guessing. It went up and out of site. followed a satelite and could still see that, behind slight cloud. Surmised cloud did not block view of fourth object. It looked like the shape of a hot air balloon. wind was moving toward east. It did not follow wind, nor could balloon have that much speed. REALLY COOL! Better than any fireworks! the first 3 seemed a bit yellow at times with the naked eye. An exiting thing to see, but you can't share that!

Case #2: A Bethlehem, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, witness who was driving home from July 4 fireworks, saw between 15 and 20 lights moving across the sky "in a loose formation from north to south." Other witnesses were pulling over to watch these lights, including a woman in a nearby car who asked what they were. This case is under investigation by Pennsylvania MUFON's John Royer.

PA, July 4, 2009 - lights in sky flying in formation

We were driving home after our local fireworks display. I looked to the northeast of our vehicle and saw what looked like light rising into the air. After a little while it became obvious that they weren't rising, but moving. There were about 15-20 lights in the sky flying in a loose formation from north to south. There was a main group and a smaller group further behind of about 5 lights. Many people were pulling over to view the lights. One woman in the car next to us asked us what they were.

I kept thinking that they were most likely aircraft. But they were flying low in a very loose formation with bright lights on, which seemed odd to me. It is certainly something I've never seen before.

We lost sight of the lights when they continued south and were too far away to continue viewing.

Case #3: A Bucks County witness reports a sighting on July 5, at 3:40 a.m. where two craft made erratic maneuvers in the sky.
The witness said the two craft moved in formation. This case is under investigation by Pennsylvania MUFON's Greg Mazzotta.

PA, July 5, 2009 - 2 ufo fling in aradic patterns

have been seeinga single object for last 10 months, directly overhead and would over time of each evening it would move, east to west, fling like someone was playing with a joystick and not making direct flight rather zig + zag, back + forth, tonite however it was joined by a 2nd craft about 10 degrees due north of original object, they together displayed the same arradic patterns, almost like signing someone on the ground. odd very odd

Case #4: A Palmyra, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, witness saw a bright orange object the size of a quarter at arm's length move across the sky. The witness said the object was "mushroom shaped" and pulsated. This case is under investigation by Pennsylvania MUFON's John Bainbridge.

PA, July 4, 2009 - bright orange object with a mushroom shaped glow coming off the top moving west to east.

I was outside cleaning up after a 4th of july party. I bright orange glow went by, above it was a glowing ring. My son (age 6) said it was a "flying mushroom". My neighbors kids (age 5-8, three of them) said it was a "ballon". The object was moving roughly east to west. It went directly across the sky. I knew it was too fast for a helicopter, Not too fast for a jet though. I knew it was not anything I had ever seen before. I called it in to the local police. I was curious to see if any one else had called it in. There were a lot of fireworks in the area, many people must have been looking up. This object traveled across the sky, not up or down. It looked the size of a US Quarter. I lost sight of the object when trees blocked my view.

Case #5: Three Ellwood City, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, witnesses reported an orange light. The object would at times speed up and then slow down, getting brighter and then dimmer. One of the witnesses captured the light on video (not made available at this time.) This case is under investigation by Pennsylvania MUFON's Tracey Roy, SSD.

PA, July 4, 2009 - Orange light in sky making direction change, speed changes and hovering above Ellwood City.

My wife, a family friend an I were outside of our house watching fireworks when we noticed a light in the sky and thought that it was a burning firework ember or low flying plane. We did not hear any engines so we ruled out a plane. We watched it move across the sky where it appeared to be rotating, and it would speed up and slow down. At one point it did an abrubt 45 degree turn and then continued on a rather straight line. It appeared to be getting brighter and then dimmer. It was very bright then it just dissapeard. We then noticed it coming from another direction doing the same thing. I used binoculars to view the object, and every time I got a stable view, it seemed to either change coarse or speed up and disappear. At that point my wife captured the light on video with our camcorder. In the video it went from bring close to us, to being extremely far away with in 10 seconds. It was also moving at a very steady speed, then faded in and out and was gone.

For more info: Visit MUFON on the web - the Center for UFO Studies - Pennsylvania MUFON - and InCahoots.TV.

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