Astonishing Crop Circle Destroyed--But the Pictures are Incredible


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One of the most fantastic crop formations that has ever appeared was immediately destroyed by an outraged farmer even after he was paid to allow time for scientific research. He accepted the payment, then, moments later, wrecked the formation with his tractor.

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Fortunately, famed Mexican UFO researcher Jaime Maussan was in the formation and managed to take the fine close-up photos reproduced here of the delicate, three-dimensional swirls that had appeared, two of which appear in this story.

Crop circle researchers were surprised to find the formation, which was not in the field the night before.

The anger of the farmer illustrates a situation that is building in England's fields. The National Farmer's Union takes the position that all of the formations are created by vandals. They represent a costly problem for farmers, especially as they are getting larger and larger and appearing in more fields every year. While the financial loss involved for the economy is negligible, for a farmer who has one or two large formations in his crop, they can be significant.

Because the British government, and therefore the Farmer's Union and the media continue to claim that the formations are man-made, the farmers are left with the false impression that this could be controlled if only the vandals could be found.

Unfortunately for them, until there is official recognition of the reality of the mystery, the formations are likely continue to increase every year in number and complexity.

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