Stunning Crop Formation Virtually Ends the Debate

Detail of weave. Click for whole formation.
On Wednesday, July 14 a guest on William Henry's Revelations offered the opinion that most of the crop formations of the astonishing 2009 season were probably manmade. After the program, Whitley Strieber commented privately that what was needed was a formation so extraordinary that it ended the debate, and enabled us all to begin to address the much larger question of what they REALLY are. Between 4:00AM and 5:18AM English Summer Time on the 14th, in the famous east field near Alton Barnes, just such a formation had appeared.

At about the time that Revelations was being recorded, the formation was being photographed by Lucy Pringle. This formation is a 170 foot diameter woven structure in wheat, with bundles of wheat gently laid aside and woven under other bundles, so that the effect is that of a woven rug or piece of cloth.

It would not be possible to do this over hours or even days, and there is doubt among researchers that it could be done at all. Compared to the inept hoax circle commissioned by the National Geographic channel for an upcoming crop circle documentary, it is a true work of art.

This week, Revelations, Dreamland and this website are devoted to the crop formation phenomenon. Be sure to listen to Dreamland and Revelations and, for subscribers, to the amazing talk given by Whitley Strieber on the inner meaning of the phenomenon.

Why are we still in denial and, for the most part, unable to face the strangeness of this reality? Read Whitley's latest Journal, In the Clutches of the Fallen.

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