Crop circles: What's Google trying to tell us?

Posted by Garett Rogers @ 7:17 pm

This is the second Google doodle in the last ten days that has featured space ships — this latest one shows a UFO making crop circles.

Along with the doodle came a clue on twitter — coordinates (51.327629, -0.5616088) that seem to point to a town called Horsell in England. This happens to be the location where aliens landed in “The War of the Worlds”.

Google says that it will uncover the mystery this week — September 21’s would have been Welles’ 143 birthday, so it may be about that.

But do you think it’s that easy? I’m hoping it’s a sign that Google is about to release something — and this is their way of generating some buzz around it.

Let’s take bets — post what you think:

1) The Google logo’s are leading up to the would-be birthday of H.G. Welles.
2) Generating buzz around a product launch coming up this week
3) Something else — tell us what you think

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