The lie of the Mexican alien baby

I received this link from Martin asRoney, responsible for the website, who revealed a possible (and probable) explanation for the "Alien baby from Mexico". Here's the best translation I could get. If you have a better translation please feel free to share it and I will re-post it. Thank you Martin for the link.

September 10, 2009 | Author: Roney

True or false?. Fact or fiction? It all depends on the eyes with that look of things. Apparently the alien baby might be all a lie and they would not be more than a squirrel monkey.

At least this is what the website says ALICIONE who refers to all the deceptions of Jaime Maussan.

According to the web Stio alien baby would be a lie and would be nothing more than a baby squirrel.

This is done taking into comparative similarity of the skull of the supposed extraterrestrial and the primate infant.

The site in question states that after doing a comparison on the Internet. In other words: "They searched the internet images of some bug like the one found in Mexico and said this is". No doubt something very convincing either.

Given that the website that published it seems dedicated to deny anything you say Maussán not seem to be a reliable source ...

Moreover Infobae published this news as some giving all the credit "Captain Alejandro Franz who was in charge of this" research "and who is also responsible for the website ALICIONE and recognized as a leading ufologists.

Other web sites refer to this notice and question the extraterrestrial origin of the creature found in Mexico in 2007 and refer to that "experts" say it is a monkey.

Now I wonder. When referring to"experts" to whom they refer?
In my opinon this is more like a fight to see who sells sector the best story and for trying to "smear" everything the other says.

Points to consider

  1. I never saw a monkey baby skinned.
  2. Those who claim that the baby is not alien do supociciones or based on comparative
  3. After watching the video below: How a farmer can confuse a rat with another animal? That does not make sense, anyone can tell one thing from another rat eye. Plus if it has caught the tail.
  4. He had been caught in a trap?

In this case everything is under personal opinion and everyone will believe what they want.

Video of baby alien with testimonials

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Cap. Alejandro Franz said...

Angle Palacios Nunez who's real name is Urso Moreno Ruiz and is the author of this HOAX.
Urso has been expossed a few weeks ago because he is not a veterinarian helper, he is a taxidermist.

Urso Moreno Ruiz declared he sunk a "Titi monkey" (Squirrel Monkey)in a salted water compound mixed with other animal residuals and he changed the monkey's ears.

URSO MORENO RUIZ, rancher's nephew declared he put a Squirrel Monkey (Titi) in a tanning mixture with three different salts mixed with many other animal residuals so he sunk the animal for several days and after that let it dry for months and that's why the "alien baby" looks mummified and because of that he altered or changed the DNA lab results.

The page with the complete investigation in Spanish and some english here:

Capt. Franz
(non profit)

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