Forgotten Asian UFO files found in Roswell, New Mexico

Asian UFO Report

This last week Britain released government files on UFO sightings containing sketches of unexplained objects, and I happened to be on vacation in Roswell, New Mexico -- famous for being the terrestrial home of all things extra. Inspired to do some alien hunting, I hit up Roswell's UFO Museum and Research Center to search for some Asian UFO files.

Asia has a rich UFO sighting history dating back centuries, including stories of aliens visiting the Great Wall of China, and more recently video footage of strange objects in the skies -- and I wanted to see what the museum had hidden away in dusty corners that could add to Asia's own UFO lore.

But why hunt for Asian UFO sighting reports in Southwest America? Because Roswell, New Mexico is the UFO capital of the world. The small American city (population 48,000) experienced what many believe is the most significant UFO event of the 20th century when in July of 1947 a flying saucer supposedly crashed on a farmer's ranch, and alien bodies were recovered.

Ever since the incident at Roswell, UFO-ologists and enthusiasts have made Roswell their Mecca, with around 100,000 people from around the world visiting in July of every year for the UFO festival celebrating the 1947 Roswell UFO incident and UFOs in general.

The UFO Museum and Research Center features a complete history of the Roswell crash and the ensuing U.S. government claims and reports involving weather balloons and dummies falling from the sky. It also features a complete research center with just about every UFO report, periodical, magazine and sighting ever been produced or recorded.

At the UFO Research Center, I found two file cases containing Asian UFO magazines and reports dating back to 1955. Some of the stories describe sightings by Thai airforce pilots or strange lights over Japan, while others suggested we puny humans try our best to appease our otherworldly overlords because our ancestors performed intercourse with aliens.

Just like believing in UFOs, its up to you to decide if some of these stories are real, fabricated, insane or natural phenomenon.

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