UFO X-Conference 2010 Washington DC - May 7th - 9th

The UFO X-Conference 2010 is being held at the National Press Club, Washington DC on May 7th - 9th. The event is hosted by Cheryll Jones, television journalist and former CNN News, George Noory of Coast to Coast AM will also be there.

Is the US Goverment withholding information about extraterrestrials present today in the human race - will disclosure take place in the Obama administration? This will be discussed at the conference two blocks from the White House.

The conference will include lectures, a speakers cocktail party and an awards banquet. There will be a special luncheon party with George Noory who says that it is not just about lights in the sky, it is about lies on the ground.

Some of the top speakers in the world will be at the event so you can be sure you will be listening to the best information available in the world. Is there really a cover-up about UFO's and ET's?


Phoenix Aquua said...

great blog. I appreciate your notice that you do not blog for money....I feel the same way!

right on.

Phoenix - out

Julia said...

what's going on with this now? i can't find any recent news since it ended. it's making me crazy! do you know what's going on????

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